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I love Olive Garden so much, I sometimes go by myself and eat at the bar. Taking a family of five to Olive Garden is no Cheap Eats.  So, I was able to find some tricks to help you save your family money while enjoying OG. Do you want to know the secrets to saving money at Olive Garden?

Well, here you go:


1. Receive a Free Birthday Dessert.

olive garden desserts

Receive a Free Birthday Dessert When you sign up for Olive Garden Rewards!


2. Receive a free appetizer until coupon expires in two weeks.

olive garden appetizers

Excuse Me, did you just say Free Appetizers for up to Two Weeks?

Yes, I did, and all you have to do is just sign up for Olive Garden eClub.
You will then receive a coupon for a Free Appetizer or Dessert (up to a $10.00 value) with the purchase of two adult entrees. This coupon can be used over and over again for two weeks until it expires. Yes, Pleeasse!
When you get your coupon emailed, you will choose the “save to my phone” option, then show it to your server  before you place your order.


3. Go when Kids eat for Only $1.00 at Olive Garden!

kids eat free at olive garden

Every couple of months, Olive Garden will run a week-long promotion where kids can eat for only $1.
This is my favorite time to go, and save money by also buying a Olive Garden Gift Card from Raise or Gift Card Granny to cut down on my bill. Make sure you look out for the email about this promotion.


4. Split your meal in order to use two coupons at once.

share a meal at olive garden
The secret is to have him pay for half the meal with his card (which he will redeem one coupon) and you pay for the other half with yours (and you redeem another coupon). Olive Garden states One Coupon per purchase.


5. Best time is Monday through Thursday, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Olive garden menu

Do you want Olive Garden, but don’t want to wait an hour to be seated? Well, take advantage of Dinner Duos!
If you can get to Olive Garden early during the week between 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm, you can enjoy a $8.99 entree (including never-ending salad and breadsticks).


6. Your Olive Garden gift cards can be used at six different restaurants.

olive garden gift card

Have an Olive Garden Gift Card, but want something else for dinner instead? I bet you didn’t know you can use your Olive Garden Gift Card at 6 other Restaurants.  Darden restaurant owns Olive Garden, so if you have an Olive Garden gift card, you can spend it at any of the six Darden restaurants.

Darden Restaurants:

Yard House
Bahama Breeze
Longhorn Steakhouse
The Capital Grille
Eddie V’s/Wildfish Seafood Grille
Seasons 52

Tip: Want to Sell or Buy an Olive Garden Gift Card? Well, why not save money with Raise and purchase or sell your card.  Right now, grab a $25.00 Olive Garden card for only $22.73 which is a 9.1% Off Savings!  
Shop Olive Garden gift cards at!

7. You can Sample up to three wines for free.

Olive garden wine glass

Did someone say Free Wine? Your server may ask if you would like to sample a wine, SAY YES PLEASE! Olive Garden will allow you to sample up to three different wines free of charge.
The sample is about 3 oz, so why not enjoy a few sample glasses.

If the server does not ask you to sample, just remind them and they will be happy to provide you a glass!


8. Olive Garden Employees receive 50%-off meals. 

olive garden employees

Have you thought of working at Olive Garden? Employees benefit from a huge discount, receive 50% off meals before, during and after your shift.


9. Take Advantage of “Never-Ending Pasta” or classics promotions.

olive garden pasta

Olive Garden’s never-ending pasta bowl is only $11.99 and it is the best value for your money.
Choose between six different sauces and five different toppings, there are over 180 different combos.


10. Buy Olive Garden dressing in the grocery stores.

olive garden dressing

If you are having a craving for the Olive Garden Salad as much as I do, you can buy the salad dressing, cheeses and Italian seasonings that are used in the restaurants.
You will find that most of the major retailers like Walmart and Target now have Olive Garden products.


Next Up: Kohl’s Hacks!

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