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You might have noticed that many people tend to fall into one of two camps, they are either busy striving to increase their earning ability with a view to making as much money as they can, whilst others tend to focus more on ways to save money.  No one option is better than the other, it’s just a different attitude, yet when you combine both strategies – that’s when you can enjoy a bright financial future.

The two mentalities are quite disparate, and in some ways, the two camps are quite opposite in the way they think – those that focus on making money, might be of a view that the ‘saving money’ camp are wasting their time with their frugality and the amount of time it takes to save coupons doesn’t always compensate for the benefits they gain.  Similarly, those that focus on saving money might be of a view that the ‘making money’ camp are unnecessarily wasteful or extravagant.

In reality, there’s a healthy middle ground that combines a little from Column A and a little from Column B. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to take a look at both strands.



When it comes to making money, there are some inherent limitations, particularly if you’re employed in a conventional job where you trade time for money.  The challenge being that there are only so many hours you can work each day, and this results in a fixed income, where you have to work more hours if you want to make more money.  There’s also a limit to how much a person can charge for each hour of their time.

Yes, a person can become more skilled and valuable to an employer, by upskilling, meaning they can charge more for each unit of time, yet they are still going to be subject to the same challenges any employed person has.

The exception, of course, are those that work on commission, yet even then there’s a time element to this too.

This means that there’s often a trade off between time and money; you can have plenty of time but little money or make plenty of money but little free time to enjoy it.

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Now that we’ve defined the problem let’s take a look at the solution.

There are many options to work from home today, but just because you work from home does not mean you will be making passive income, per se.  Indeed, most people that work from home are freelancers or employed just on more flexible terms.

Passive income, however, is a different kettle of fish.  It’s defined as a type of income that is generated without the need for that transactional element of time and money – for instance, with passive income you are leveraging an asset to bring about income, rather than trading your time for money.

An example of passive income for the average person, is if you have a spare room and then rent it out to a lodger.  You aren’t physically having to put in the man hours to generate the revenue.

The same is true of intellectual assets such as if you were to create an online course, for instance, you would invest a significant amount of time into the process initially, but then once the course is created, you can use automated systems to market the course, process the payments, and all you need to do is sit back and see the cash come in!

This might sound overly simplistic, but remember, creating a course or writing a book is not an “easy process” so it’s not as simple as making money in your sleep – you have to put the effort in first, but once you do put the effort in, you can then sit back and watch the rewards of your labour come in multiple times over.  This tends to be a much more effective way to make money, as you aren’t compromising your time in order to make more.


There are many ways you can save money, each day, on everyday items though the first step might be to visit CardGuru in order to find the best deal on credit cards, as this will make a big difference on all your purchases.

A lot of it comes down to shopping around for the cheapest deals, that said, it’s important not to go driving miles out of your way to save a few cents on fuel, as this will negate the saving — and this concept can be extrapolated to other areas of your financial life when it comes to saving money on everyday items.  You don’t want to save a penny to spend a pound, as the saying goes.



When it comes saving money around the home, a lot of this comes to reducing your energy bills and those of utilities such as broadband and TV packages.

Energy, today, is becoming incredibly expensive.  Therefore looking at ways to heat your home in an energy efficient way over winter can be key to saving money on your household bills.

In addition, one of the largest aspects to consider reducing your spending on is food and drink.  Unfortunately, food and drink is not always treated as fuel for the body – but more fuel for the soul, so we engage in emotional eating which is impulsive by nature.

Cooking in batches, and freezing food in plastic containers, or using a foodsaver is a great way to save both time and money.

Similarly it can be a great cost saving strategy to make snacks at home, for work, rather than buying them on the go – particularly when it comes to breakfast – as for some reason, breakfast items seem very overpriced.

Finally, when it comes to saving money around the home, consider trying to save as much fuel as you can.  We all enjoy the convenience that comes from owning a car, yet fuel is costly, so try to make as few trips as possible – by planning your time better.

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