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This week we will have (1) Smartsource, (1) Retail Me Not, and P&G Coupon Insert. See Below 👇

*Please note: There may be regional differences in value, brand and availability*

If you purchase your newspaper at the stores, Please make sure you check the paper for your coupon inserts. Once you purchase the paper they will not allow you to return the newspaper. Also, you can save even more money by getting your newspaper from your local Dollar Tree for only $1.00! Stores vary by limit per person, make sure you ask the cashier what the newspaper limit is and get there early to grab yours for only $1.00!

Retail Me NotSmartsourceAugust P&G

Advil 20ct or larger, any$1.0008/24/19
Advil 80ct or larger, any$3.0008/04/19
Band-Aid Character, any$0.5008/31/19
Band-Aid SkinFlex, ToughStrips, Flexible Fabric Infection Defense, Water Block or HydroSeal, any$1.0008/31/19
Barilla Ready Pouch, any$1.0009/22/19
Benadryl Children’s, any$1.0008/31/19
CeraVe Cleanser, any$3.0008/17/19
CeraVe Skin Renewing Product, any$3.0008/17/19
CeraVe Sun, any$3.0008/17/19
Extra or Orbit or 5 Gum Multipacks, any TWO$1.0010/06/19
Flonase 120ct or larger, any$8.0008/03/19
Flonase 60ct or larger, any$4.0008/24/19
Keebler Club Crackers 8oz or larger, any TWO$1.0009/22/19
Kellogg’s Cereals 9oz or larger, any THREE$1.0009/22/19
Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks 10ct or larger, any TWO$1.0009/22/19
Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 6ct or larger, any THREE$1.0009/22/19
Nature’s Truth Aromatherapy Product, any$1.00
Nature’s Truth Vitamin or Supplement Product, any$2.00
Neosporin First Aid Product, any$1.0008/31/19
Nestle Pure Life 8oz 6pk, any TWO$1.0008/25/19
Nestle Pure Life Water DC Collection 11.15oz 6pk, any TWO$1.0008/25/19
Orbit, Extra or 5 Gum, any TWO$0.5010/06/19
Polident Denture Cleaners 40ct, any$1.5008/21/19
Prevacid 42ct or larger, any$5.0008/24/19
Prevacid, any$3.0008/24/19
Suave Body Wash, any TWO$1.0008/17/19
Suave Deodorant, any$0.5008/11/19
Suave Kids, any$1.0008/18/19
Suave Lotion (excluding trial size), any$0.7508/01/19
Suave Men Hair Care, any$1.0008/18/19
Suave Professionals (excluding trial size), any TWO$2.0008/18/19
Suave Professionals, any$1.0008/18/19
Suave Styler, any$1.0008/18/19
Super Poligrip 2oz, any$1.5008/21/19
Super Poligrip Twin or Triple Packs, any$2.5008/11/19
Tylenol or Motrin Children’s or Infants’, any$2.0008/31/19
Tylenol or Sudafed Children’s, any$2.0008/31/19
Zyrtec Children’s (excluding trial size), any$4.0008/31/19

ACT Product (excluding trial size), any$1.0008/24/19
Airborne, any$1.00
Allegra Allergy 24HR or Allegra-D Product, any$4.0008/17/19
Allegra Allergy Gelcaps 60ct or Tablets 70ct, any$8.0008/04/19
Allegra Children’s, any$4.0008/17/19
Bayer Aspirin 200ct, any$2.0008/11/19
Blink Contacts Lubricating Eye Drops, any$3.0009/03/19
Blink Eye Drops or GelTears, any$3.0009/03/19
Blink RevitaLens Solution 10oz, any$3.0009/03/19
Blink RevitaLens Solution 20oz, any$5.0009/03/19
Butterfinger, Crunch, Baby Ruth or 100 Grand Bars Fun Size or Minis 10oz, any$0.7508/31/19
Butterfinger, Crunch, Baby Ruth or 100 Grand Single or Share Packs, any TWO$0.5008/31/19
Capzasin, any$2.0008/25/19
Carnation Breakfast Essentials Ready To Drink, any$1.5009/22/19
Carnation Powder Drink Mix, any TWO$2.0009/22/19
Clairol Nice N Easy, any$2.0008/10/19
Clairol Nice N Easy, any TWO$6.0008/10/19
Clorox Clean Up, Disinfecting Wipes 35ct or larger, Bleach 55oz or larger, Manual Toilet Bowl, Clorox 2 or Pine Sol, any TWO$1.0009/01/19
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 75ct or larger, any TWO$1.5009/01/19
Cortizone-10 1oz or larger, any$1.0009/30/19
CoverGirl Face Product (excluding Cheekers), any$2.0008/24/19
CoverGirl Lip, any$2.0008/24/19
CoverGirl Mascara, any$2.0008/24/19
Crayola Take Note Highlighters, Markers or Pens $2.00 or more, any$1.0009/15/19
Depend Poise Active Collection, any$3.00
Depend Poise, any$2.0008/24/19
Depend Products 8ct or larger, any$2.0008/24/19
Digestive Advantage, any$1.00
Dole Fruit Bowls, any TWO$1.0009/22/19
Dulcolax (excluding 10ct or less), any$2.0008/23/19
Energizer Batteries or Flashlight, any$1.2509/07/19
Fancy Feast Gourmet Naturals Dry Cat Food, any$2.0009/28/19
Fancy Feast Gourmet Naturals, any SIX$1.0009/28/19
Frixion Pens 2pk, any TWO$1.0009/30/19
G2 Pens, any$0.7509/30/19
General Mills Cheerios Cereals, any TWO$1.0009/07/19
General Mills Chex Cereals, any TWO$1.0009/07/19
General Mils Cereals, any TWO$1.0009/07/19
Gold Bond Products (excluding 0.5oz), any$1.0008/25/19
Icy Hot Smart Relief Starter Kit Product, any$5.0008/25/19
Icy Hot, Aspercreme, Capzasin, SportsCreme, Arthritis or Flexall, any$1.0008/25/19
Kaopectate, any$1.5008/22/19
Kleenex Tissues, any THREE$0.7508/25/19
Lance Sandwich Crackers 8oz or larger, any TWO$1.00
MegaRed Product, any$2.00
Motts Applesauce Clear Pouches 4pks, any TWO or 12pk, any$0.7509/15/19
Motts Applesauce Single Serve or Juice Packs, any TWO$1.0009/15/19
Pirate’s Booty, any$1.0010/31/19
Precise Pens 2pk or larger, any$1.0009/30/19
Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food 3lb or larger, any$2.0009/30/19
Purina Beneful Wet 6ct or 12ct, any$2.0009/30/19
Purina Cat Chow 13lb or larger, any$2.0010/27/19
Purina Dog Chow Complete Adult Beef 14lb or larger, any$2.0009/30/19
Purina High Protein Cans – Buy ONE, Get ONE FREE – Up to $1.25B1G1 FREE09/30/19
Scott Towels Rolls 6pk or larger, any$0.5008/25/19
SkinnyPop, any$1.0010/31/19
Snyders or Hanover Pretzels 5oz or larger, any TWO$1.0009/30/19
Spray N Wash Laundry Stain Remover, any$1.0009/28/19
U by Kotex Liners, any TWO$4.0008/10/19
U by Kotex Pads, any TWO$4.0008/10/19
U by Kotex Tampons, any TWO$4.0008/10/19
Xyzal Allergy 24HR or Xyzal Children’s, any$4.0008/17/19
Zantac 24pk or larger, any$3.0008/22/19

Align Probiotic Supplement Product (excluding trial/travel size), any$2.0008/10/19
Always Discreet (excluding trial/travel size), any$3.0008/10/19
Always Discreet Incontinence (excluding  other Always Products and trial/travel size), any$2.0008/10/19
Always Liners 30ct or larger or Always Wipes 20ct or larger (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0008/24/19
Always Radiant, Infinity, Pure, Ultra or Maxi Pads 11ct or higher (excluding Always Liners and Always Discreet), any$1.0008/24/19
Bounty Napkins, any$0.2508/10/19
Bounty Paper Towel Product 4ct or larger Including Huge Rolls 2ct, any$0.2508/10/19
Cascade ActionPacs 20ct to 29ct (excluding trial/travel size), any TWO$1.5008/10/19
Cascade ActionPacs 30ct or larger (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0008/10/19
Charmin Tissues (excluding trial/travel size), any$0.2508/10/19
Crest 3D White Whitestrips Kit (excluding Noticeably White, Classic White, Original Whitening Kit, Gentle Whitening Kit, Express Whitening Kit and trial/travel size), any$10.0008/10/19
Crest GUM or 3D White Therapy Premium Toothpaste (excluding trial/travel size), any$2.0008/10/19
Crest Mouthwash 437ml/16oz or larger (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0008/10/19
Crest Multipack Toothpaste (excluding trial/travel size), any$2.0008/10/19
Dawn Ultra 16.2oz or larger (excluding trial/travel size), any$0.5008/10/19
Dawn Ultra 7oz (excluding trial/travel size), any$0.2508/10/19
Febreze ONE Product – Buy ONE, Get ONE FREE (excluding Car Vent Clip and trial/travel size) – Up to $5.00B1G1 FREE08/10/19
Gillette Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant 3.8oz or larger, any$1.0008/10/19
Gillette Disposable 2ct or larger (excluding Sensor 2ct and Venus Products), any$3.0008/24/19
Gillette Razor (excluding Disposables, Venus Products and trial/travel size), any$2.0008/24/19
Head & Shoulders Product 10oz or larger or Royal Oils (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0008/10/19
Head & Shoulders Products 10oz or larger or Royal Oils (excluding trial/travel size), any TWO$3.0008/10/19
Luvs Diapers (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.5008/10/19
Mr. Clean Clean Freak Spray – Buy ONE, Get ONE Refill FREE (excluding trial/travel size) – Up to $3.00B1G1 FREE08/10/19
Mr. Clean Product (excluding trial/travel size), any$0.5008/10/19
Olay Bar 4ct or larger, Body Wash, In-Shower Body Lotion or Hand and Body Lotion (excluding Bar 1ct and trial/travel size), any TWO$1.0008/10/19
Olay Eyes Product (excluding Complete and Active Hydrating and trial/travel size), any$2.0008/10/19
Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer (excluding trial/travel size), any$2.0008/10/19
Olay Skin Care Product (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0008/10/19
Old Spice Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, Body Wash or Bar Soap (excluding High Endurance, Twin Packs and trial/travel size), any TWO$1.0008/10/19
Old Spice Hair Product (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0008/10/19
Oral-B Adult Manual Toothbrush (excluding Kids, Healthy Clean, Cavity Defense and trial/travel size), any$1.0008/10/19
Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads (excluding trial/travel size), any$10.0008/10/19
Pampers Diapers or Easy Ups Training Underwear Bags, any TWO or Box (excluding trial/travel size), any$3.0008/10/19
Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear or Splashers Swim Diapers Bags, any TWO or Box (excluding trial/travel size), any$3.0008/10/19
Pampers or Luvs Wipes 56ct or higher (excluding trial/travel size), any TWO$0.5008/10/19
Pantene Product Including Gold Series Collection (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0008/10/19
Pantene Products Including Gold Series Collection (excluding trial/travels size), any THREE$5.0008/10/19
Pantene Waterless – Buy ONE, Get ONE Shampoo or Conditioner FREE (excluding trial/travels size) – Up to $3.99B1G1 FREE08/10/19
Puffs Facial Tissues Boxes 3pk (excluding Puffs To Go Singles and trial/travel size), any$0.2508/10/19
Secret Clinical Deodorant 1.6oz or larger, any$2.0008/10/19
Secret Fresh, Outlast or Aluminum Free 2.4oz or larger, any TWO$1.0008/10/19
Swiffer Refill or WetJet Solution (excluding trial/travel size), any$2.0008/10/19
Swiffer Starter Kit (excluding Heavy Duty Dusters 1ct and 2ct and trial/travel size), any$2.0008/10/19
Tampax Pearl, Radiant or Pure Tampons 16ct or higher, any$1.0008/24/19
Venus or Daisy Disposable 2ct or larger (excluding Daisy 2ct), any$3.0008/24/19
Venus Razor (excluding Disposables), any$2.0008/24/19
Vicks VapoCool Drops (excluding trial/travel size), any$0.5008/10/19
Vicks VapoRub, BabyRub or VapoInhaler Product (excluding Drops and trial/travel size), any$1.0008/10/19
Vicks ZzzQuil or Pure Zzzs Kidz Product (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0008/10/19

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