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Check out the Sunday Coupon Preview for Week of 2/10

This week we will have (2) Retail Me Not and a Smartsource Coupon Insert. See Below ?

*Please note: There may be regional differences in value, brand and availability*

If you purchase your newspaper at the stores, Please make sure you check the paper for your coupon inserts. Once you purchase the paper they will not allow you to return the newspaper. Also, you can save even more money by getting your newspaper from your local Dollar Tree for only $1.00! Stores vary by limit per person, make sure you ask the cashier what the newspaper limit is and get there early to grab yours for only $1.00!

Retail Me Not #1Tab titleSmartsourceFebruary P&G

Listerine Healthy White Product 16oz or larger, any$1.0003/15/19
Listerine Mouthwash Product 400ml or larger, any$1.0003/15/19
Meow Mix Dry Cat Food Bag 3.15lb or larger, any$1.0004/07/19
Meow Mix SimpleServings 2pk, any FOUR or Meow Mix Wet Cat Food Variety Pack, any or Meow Mix Wet Food Single Cups, any SIX$1.0004/07/19
Meow Mix Treat Bag 2.5lb or larger, any$0.5504/07/19
Rhinocort Adult Allergy Spray Product, any$10.0002/16/19
Suave Kids Hair Care Products (excluding trial and travel size), any$2.0002/24/19
Suave Men Hair Care Product (excluding trial and travel size), any$1.0003/02/19
Tylenol Adult, Tylenol PM or Simply Sleep Product (excluding Tylenol Cold or Sinus and trial and travel size), any$1.0003/10/19
Zyrtec Adult Product 24ct to 45ct, any$4.0003/02/19

Colace Product, any$2.0003/31/19
Colace Regular or Colace 2-in-1 Product 60ct, any$3.0003/31/19
Garlique Product, any$2.0004/27/19
Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment or Styling Product (excluding 2oz, 2.9oz or 3oz travel size), any TWO$4.0002/09/19
Garnier Fructis Sleek Shot, Fructis Style Curl Treat, Fructis Style Liquid Style, Fructis Treats 1 Minute Hair Mask 13.5oz, any$2.0002/09/19
Garnier Nutrisse or Expert Retouch Haircolor Products, any TWO$4.0002/23/19
Garnier Nutrisse or Express Retouch Haircolor Product, any$2.0002/23/19
Garnier SkinActive Cleansers (excluding trial, travel size and Masks), any$2.0002/23/19
Garnier SkinActive Moisturizers (excluding trial, travel size and Masks), any$3.0002/23/19
Geritol Product, any$2.0003/31/19
KFC Restaurant CouponsVarious03/24/19
Maybelline New York Brow or Eyeliner Product, any$1.0002/23/19
Maybelline New York Mascara Product (excluding Mini and trial size), any$3.0002/23/19
Maybelline New York Super Stay Face Product, any$3.0002/23/19
Pepcid, Imodium or Lactaid Dietary Supplement Product (excluding trial size), any$2.0002/23/19
Poland Spring Sparkling Natural Spring Water Bottles 0.5L or Cans 12oz 8pk, any$1.0002/24/19
Poland Spring Sparkling Natural Spring Water Bottles 1L, any THREE$1.0002/24/19
Slow Fe 30ct or 60ct, any$2.0003/31/19
Slow Mag Mg Product, any$2.5004/30/19

AmLactin Product (excluding trial size), any$3.0003/10/19
AmLactin Product (excluding trial size), any TWO$7.0002/17/19
Beano 100ct or larger, any$3.0003/31/19
Cheerios Maples, any$1.0003/23/19
Chocolate Toast Crunch, any$1.0003/23/19
Cinnamon Toast Churros, any$1.0003/23/19
Clairol Color Crave or Blonding Collection, any TWO$6.0002/23/19
Clairol Nice n Easy or Permanent Root Touch Up, any$2.0002/23/19
Clairol Nice n Easy or Permanent Root Touch Up, any TWO$5.0002/23/19
Clairol Permanent Root Touch Up, any TWO$8.0002/23/19
Colgate Toothpaste 3oz or larger (excluding 2.8oz and trial size), any$0.5002/23/19
Curel Moisturizer 13oz or larger, any$1.5003/24/19
Fiber One Strawberries and Vanilla Clusters, any$1.0003/23/19
Fiber One, any TWO$0.5004/06/19
Hall Bags 10ct or larger, any TWO$1.2503/23/19
Irish Spring Bar Soap 6pk or larger, any$0.5002/23/19
Irish Spring Body Wash (excluding 2.5oz), any$1.0002/23/19
Jergens Moisturizer, any$1.5003/10/19
Jergens Wet Skin, any$2.0003/10/19
Merci Chocolates, any$1.0004/30/19
Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Granola, any$1.0003/23/19
Newtons Cookies 10oz or larger, any TWO$1.0003/23/19
Oreos 10oz or larger, any TWO$1.0003/23/19
OxiClean Detergent, any$2.0003/10/19
Pediasure Multipacks, any TWO$5.0003/10/19
Physicians Formula Item $5.00 or more, any$3.0002/21/19
Poise (excluding 12ct to 26ct Liners or 10ct Pads), any$2.0003/02/19
Poise Overnight Pads, any$3.0003/02/19
Protein One 90 Calorie Bars, any$0.5004/06/19
Red Gold Redpack, Sacramento or Huy Fog Tomato 10oz, any$0.6003/31/19
Schick Hydro or Quattro Titanium Razor or Refill (excluding Women or Disposables), any$4.0003/02/19
Schick Intuition FAB Disposable Razor, any$4.0003/02/19
Schick Intuition or FAB or Hydro Silk or Quattro (excluding Disposables), any$4.0003/02/19
Schick Intuition Refills, any$4.0003/02/19
Softsoap Body Wash 15oz or larger, any$0.7502/23/19
Splenda Naturals 40ct, 80ct, 140ct, 9.8oz or Granulated, any$1.5008/31/19
Splenda Naturals 9.8oz, 140ct or Granulated, any$2.5008/31/19
Tylenol Cold, Sinus or Children’s, any$1.0003/10/19
Tylenol or Motrin Children’s or Infants’, any$2.0003/10/19
U by Kotex Liners (excluding 14ct to 22ct), any$1.0003/16/19
U by Kotex Pads, any$1.0003/16/19
U by Kotex Tampons, any$1.0003/16/19
Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Lip or Eye, any$1.0002/24/19
Wet n Wild PhotoFocus, any$1.0002/24/19
Wet n Wild Product $2.00 or more, any$0.5002/24/19
Ziploc Star Wars or Disney Bags, any$0.6003/23/19
Ziploc Star Wars or Disney Bags, any TWO$1.5003/23/19

Align Probiotic Supplement Product (excluding trial/travel size), any$2.0002/23/19
Always Radiant, Infinity or Pure & Clean, Ultra or Maxi Pads 11ct or higher (excluding Liners or Discreet), any$1.0002/23/19
Bounty Paper Towel Product, any$0.2502/09/19
Charmin Toilet Paper Product (excluding Single Rolls), any$0.2502/09/19
Crest 3D White Whitestrips: Glamorous White, 1 HR Express, Professional Effects, FlexFit, Gentle Routine, Monthly Whitening Boost, Vivid or Whitestrips with Light (excluding Noticeably White and trial/travel size), any$5.0002/09/19
Crest Mouthwash 437ml/16oz or larger (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Crest Toothpaste or Liquid Gel 3oz or more (excluding 4.6oz Crest Cavity, Baking Soda, Tartar Control/Protection, Kids and trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner 40 Load or smaller, Bounce or Downy Sheets 60ct and smaller or In Wash Scent Boosters 4.9oz or smaller Including Downy Unstopables, Fresh Protect, Infusions or Dreft Blissfuls (excluding Downy Libre Enjuage, Gain Fireworks and trial/travel size), any$0.5002/23/19
Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner 48 Load or larger, Bounce or Downy Sheets 70ct or larger or In Wash Scent Boosters 6.5oz or larger Including Downy Unstopables, Fresh Protect, Infusions or Dreft Blissfuls (excluding Downy Libre Enjuage, Gain Fireworks and trial/travel size), any$1.0002/23/19
Dreft Newborn or Active Baby Detergent (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/23/19
Febreze Free Air Effects or Small Spaces (excluding trial/travel size) – Buy ONE, Get ONE FREE – Up to $3.00B1G1 FREE02/09/19
Febreze Product (excluding Car Vent Clip and trial/travel size) – Buy ONE, Get ONE FREE – Up to $5.00B1G1 FREE02/09/19
Gain Dishwashing Liquid Product 21.6oz or larger (excluding trial/travel size), any$0.5002/09/19
Gillette Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant 1.6oz or larger (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Gillette Disposable Razor 2ct or larger (excluding Sensor 2ct), any$3.0002/23/19
Gillette Razor (excluding Gillette3, Gillette5 and Disposables), any$2.0002/23/19
Hair Food Shampoo or Conditioner (excluding trial/travel size) – Buy ONE, Get ONE FREE – Up to $8.00B1G1 FREE02/09/19
Head & Shoulders Product 315ml/10.6oz or larger or Clinical Solutions (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Head & Shoulders Products 315ml/10.6oz or larger or Clinical Solutions (excluding trial/travel size), any TWO$5.0002/09/19
Herbal Essences Bio: Renew Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Products (excluding 100ml Shampoo and Conditioners, Color, Body Wash and trial/travel size), any TWO$5.0002/09/19
Luvs Diapers (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Metamucil Fiber Supplement Product, any$2.0002/09/19
Mr. Clean Product (excluding trial/travel size), any$0.5002/09/19
Olay Bar 4ct or larger, Body Wash, In-Shower Body Lotion or Hand and Body Lotion (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/23/19
Olay Eyes, Whips, Regenerist, Total Effects or Luminous Facial Moisturizer (excluding trial/travel size), any$2.0002/23/19
Olay Facial Cleanser, Stick Mask or Mist (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/23/19
Old Spice Antiperspirant/Deodorant (excluding High Endurance and trial/travel size), any THREE$1.0002/09/19
Old Spice Body Wash or Bar Soap Product (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Old Spice Shampoo, 2-in-1 or Styling Product (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Oral-B Adult Manual Toothbrush (excluding Kids, Healthy Clean, Cavity Defense and trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Pampers Diapers or Easy Ups Training Underwear Bags, any TWO or Box (excluding trial/travel size), any$3.0002/09/19
Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear or UnderJams Absorbent Night Wear Box (excluding trial/travel size), any$4.0002/09/19
Pampers or Luvs Wipes 56ct or larger (excluding trial/travel size), any$0.5002/09/19
Pantene Product Including Gold Series Collection (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Pantene Products Including Gold Series Collection (excluding trial/travels size), any THREE$3.0002/09/19
Pantene Shampoo 11oz or larger – Buy ONE, Get ONE Pantene Rescue Shots, Mask or Airspray FREE – Up to $4.99B1G1 FREE02/09/19
Pantene Styler or Pantene Treatment (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.5002/09/19
Prilosec OTC Product 14ct or larger, any$1.0002/23/19
Prilosec OTC Product 28ct or larger, any$3.0002/23/19
Secret Fresh, Active or Invisible Spray 2.6oz or larger (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Secret or Gillette Clinical 1.6oz or larger (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Swiffer Refill or WetJet Solution (excluding trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Swiffer Starter Kit (excluding Duster 360 1ct and 2ct and trial/travel size), any$1.0002/23/19
Tampax Pearl, Radiant or Pure & Clean Tampons 16ct or higher, any$1.0002/23/19
Tide Antibacterial Spray (excluding Tide Stain Pen, Tide Rescue, Tide Laundry Detergent, Tide PODS and trial/travel size), any$2.0002/23/19
Tide Detergent or Tide PODS (excluding Tide Simply PODS, Tide Rescue, Tide Simply, Tide PODS 9ct or smaller, Tide Detergent 10oz and trial/travel size), any$1.0002/23/19
Venus Razor (excluding Disposables), any$2.0002/23/19
Venus/Daisy Disposable 2ct or larger (excluding Daisy 2ct), any$3.0002/23/19
Vicks Product (excluding ZzzQuil, Pure Zzzs, VapoCool Drops and trial/travel size), any$1.0002/09/19
Vicks Products – Buy TWO, Get ONE Puffs Tissue Pack FREE (excluding Vicks Inhaler) – Up to $2.00B2G1 FREE02/23/19
Vicks VapoCool Drops Product (excluding trial/travel size), any$0.2502/09/19
Vicks ZzzQuil or Pure Zzzs Product (excluding trial/travel size), any$0.5002/09/19




I am a Wife, Mother of Three Children, and Caregiver to my Grandmother. I started couponing, with the direction of my Best Friend Christina. She showed me the “Ins and Outs” and total benefits of using coupons. In just a few months of couponing I was able to produce a stock-pile of Diapers, wipes and other Toiletries. I can remember thinking to myself that I was a fool, paying full price for things like Toothpaste when you can get it for Free. After couponing for 5 years now, I have saved my family hundreds of dollars a month. We no longer need to run to the store if we run out of toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. After years of experience, I wanted to be able to share it with other people and help them also save money. If you would like to Learn, Please review our “Learn How to Coupon” article. This will teach you everything you need to know. Plus, If you need help or have any Couponing questions please email us, so we can help you.

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