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This week we will have a Retail Me Not & SmartSource Coupon Insert. Check out the list below ?

*Please note: There may be regional differences in value, brand and availability*

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Retail Me NotSmartsource

Description Value Expiration
Best Foods Real Ketchup Squeeze Product 14oz or larger, any $1.00 12/09/18
Best Foods Real Mayonnaise Jar 24oz or larger, Squeeze 20oz or Organic 25oz, any $1.00 12/09/18
Brawny Paper Towel Rolls 2pk, 3pk or 6pk, any $0.55 12/11/18
Brawny Paper Towels Rolls 8pk or larger, any $1.00 12/11/18
Egg-Land’s Best Eggs, any $0.50 02/11/19
Egg-Land’s Cage Free Eggs, any $0.75 02/11/19
Grain Berry Antioxidant Cereal, any $1.00 02/28/19
Jimmy Dean Items, any TWO $1.00 12/09/18
Jimmy Dean Refrigerated Items, any TWO $1.00 12/09/18
Keri Product 15oz or larger, any $2.00 12/30/18
Libby’s Fruit Cans, any THREE $1.00 12/31/18
Libby’s Vegetable Cans, any FOUR $1.00 12/31/18
Nexium 24HR Product 28ct or 42ct, any $5.00 11/25/18
Nexium 24HR Product, any $2.00 01/06/19
Olay Whips Facial Moisturizer – Buy ONE, Get ONE Olay Facial Cleanser FREE (excluding trial size) – Up to $8.00 B1G1 FREE 11/24/18
Quilted Northern Bath Tissue Double Rolls 6pk or larger, any $0.50 12/11/18
San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water Bottles 750ml or 1L, any THREE $1.00 12/30/18
San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water Sleek Can 8pk, any $1.50 12/30/18
Sara Lee Frozen Product, any $0.55 01/07/19

Description Value Expiration
Aleve PM Product 20ct or larger, any $3.00 12/02/18
Bayer Aspirin Product 200ct or larger, any $2.00 11/25/18
Bayer Aspirin Product 24ct or larger, any $1.00 12/09/18
Blue Cat Treat, any $1.00 12/16/18
Blue Dog Treat, any $2.00 12/16/18
Brut Classic Fragrance 3.5oz, 5oz or 7oz or Antiperspirant/Deodorant 2oz, 2.25oz, 2.5oz, 4oz, 6oz or 10oz (excluding Revolution), any $1.50 12/09/18
Clairol Color Crave or Specialty Blonding Collection, any $3.00 11/24/18
Clairol Hair Color (excluding Color Crave, Temporary Root Touch-Up, Age Defy, Balsam and Textures & Tones), any $2.00 11/24/18
Clairol Temporary Root Touch-Up, any $2.00 11/24/18
Clorox Liquid Bleach 55oz or larger, Clean-Up, Manual Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Automatic Bleach Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Bleach Gel or Bleach Foamer Products, any TWO $1.00 12/11/18
Coricidin HBP Product, any $2.00 12/01/18
Cottonelle Flushable Wipes 42ct or larger or Flushable Cleansing Cloths, any $0.50 12/22/18
Cottonelle Toilet Paper Rolls 6pk or larger, any $0.50 12/22/18
Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer 8oz or 12oz, any $3.00 12/31/18
Curel Moisturizer 13oz or larger, any $1.50 12/31/18
Easy-Off Oven, Grill or Kitchen Degreaser, any $0.75 01/11/19
Florida Crystals Organic Sugar in a Flip-Top Canister, any $1.00 01/18/19
Florida Crystals Raw Cane, Organic or Demerara Sugar Product, any $1.00 01/18/19
Hidden Valley Ranch Dry Dips or Dressing Mixes, any $0.50 01/13/19
King Arthur Flour Bag 5lb (excluding Organics), any (DND) $1.00 12/31/18
Kleenex Facial Tissue Boxes or Packs 30ct or larger, any THREE or Wet Wipes 20ct or larger, any $0.50 12/22/18
MiraLAX Product, any $2.00 12/09/18
Nature Valley Granola Cups, Nature Valley Layered Granola Bars or Nature Valley Bites Pouch 5ct or larger, any $0.50 01/05/19
Nutella Hazelnut Spread 13oz or larger or Mini Cups Package 10ct, any $1.00 01/06/19
Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Pasta Goods Products, any THREE $1.00 02/02/19
POM Juice 24oz or larger, any $1.00 12/30/18
POM Juice, any $0.50 12/30/18
POM POMS 4.3oz, any $0.50 12/30/18
POM POMS 8oz, any $1.00 12/30/18
Pomegranate Fresh Pomegranate, any $0.50 12/30/18
Red Star Yeast 3-Strip Packages, any TWO or Jar 4oz, any (DND) $0.75 06/30/19
Scott Bath Tissue Rolls 4pk or larger, any $0.50 12/22/18
Scott Towels Rolls 6pk or larger, any $0.50 12/22/18
Simply Potatoes Shredded Hash Browns or Diced Potatoes, any TWO $1.00 01/12/19
Skippy Products 16.3oz, any TWO $0.75 01/07/19
Spice Islands Spice or Seasoning, any $1.25 01/31/19
Sure Product 2.6oz, 2.7oz or 6oz, any $1.50 12/09/18
Torani Sauce or Syrup, any $1.00 12/31/18
Torani Sauce or Syrup, any TWO $2.50 12/31/18
Viva or Vantage Paper Towels Rolls 6pk or larger, any $0.50 12/22/18
Viva Pop-Ups, any $0.50 12/22/18


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