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Apps can do everything nowadays – they can even help keep your family safe and secure. Here are just a few different apps could be worth downloading to help protect your family from dangers.

My Medical

My Medical allows you to store health records for the whole family on your phone. This could come in handy in an emergency if you need to quickly reference health records for hard-to-remember information such as names of medication or conditions or blood types. My Medical also comes with a number of other features such as being able to inform you of the side effects of certain medication if a family member is displaying odd symptoms. The app can also remind you when you’ve booked doctor’s appointments as well as reminding you of when to take medication or replenish prescriptions that are about to run out.


First Aid

When it comes to administering medical help to a family member in an emergency situation, First Aid can be a great app to have at your side. This app contains everything on information from helping a choking baby to dealing with a burn injury. It’s information that could save a life (although hopefully you’ll never need it). As well as being able to pull up information in an emergency, the app also allows you to prepare for such situations by containing step-by-step guides and quizzes to help test your knowledge.



Fooducate is an educational app that helps to grade foods based on how healthy they are. This can be great if you’re trying to get the family to eat healthier meals. The app allows you to scan barcodes as you shop and then provides a rating from A+ to D (A+ being extremely healthy and D being extremely unhealthy). There’s also a search feature so that you can look up foods if you’re unable to scan the barcode. Fooducate’s other significant feature is its ability to tell you whether a certain food contain allergens such as milk, wheat or nuts so that if one of your family members suffers from allergies they can easily avoid trigger foods. All in all, it’s the ultimate app for preventing you and your family from eating the wrong foods.



Yummly helps you and your family to plan healthy meals with its extensive collection of recipes. Like Fooducate, it’s also an essential app for families with food allergies – there are hundreds of recipes on Yummly catered toward allergies such as lactose intolerance and wheat intolerance. The app also has a number of other useful features regarding meal planning allowing you plan ahead and shop for the ingredients you need.



Qustodio markets itself as the best parental control software. Among its many features is its ability to block adult content, as well as potentially malicious content. This could be useful for parents of kids who have just been given their first phone – by using this app you can ensure that they don’t end up on a dodgy website. Qustodio is also able to protect your child against other online dangers such as online bullying on social media sites. All in all, it can help to protect your kids from any harmful content that they may come across online.


Family Orbit

Family Orbit allows you to track your family members’ phones so that you can monitor their location and ensure that they stay safe. If your kids have just got their first phone and you are still worried about giving them free reign, this could allow you to keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t wander too far. The app’s Geofence feature even allows you to set up alerts if a family member travels outside of a certain area. Family Orbit also allows you to track data such as internet history, texts and calls so that you can be alerted of any potentially harmful activity such as visiting adult sites or talking to strangers.



iCam allows you to monitor up to 12 cameras on your phone. This can allow you to set up your own security system at home which you can watch whilst at work or away on vacation. By being able to keep an eye on your home from any location, you can stay comforted against the threat of burglary. It could also be useful if you need to leave your kids at home and want to monitor them to check that they’re safe – even if you’ve arranged someone to babysit, it could be a way of monitoring them if you don’t trust them (although you should tell them that there are cameras in your home).


The Sex Offender Search

Want to check that there are no sex offenders living in your area? Or perhaps you’re planning on moving somewhere and want to ensure that there are no sex offenders living in the vicinity that could be a threat to your family? The Sex Offender Search can help to alert you of these former criminals so that you can keep your family safe. This simple app uses GPS and is linked to state registries, providing you with accurate information.



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