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Medieval Times Review

Our Visit – 1/5/19

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The family was eager, to say the least, to attend the dinner and tournament of Medieval Times.  As we approached the castle, the car was overcome with excitement, instantly diving into our best medieval accents.  The excitement continued upon entering the castle, greeted by medieval characters and tremendous hospitality.  Once receiving our crowns (and knight colors), we took pictures with her gracious queen.  Then we entered the holding room where the boys got swords, my daughter a book and my husband’s inner child exploded. As you looked around, there was quite the display of luminous swords and axes, jester and dragon hats, and any other medieval costume you could crave.  We roamed the halls admiring ancient weaponry and armor, and they even had a museum of torture! Finally it was time to enter the arena.

We walked in eager as ever to experience the Medieval Times dinner and tournament.  We gazed upon the long sand pitted arena, decorated in flags and shields.   As you look around, the seating is separated by 6 different illuminated colors (knights’ colors).   We sat centered the arena in the red and yellow kingdom, allies of the blue, and the green kingdoms.  The squires (waiters/waitresses) were fun and enthusiastic, letting us know to cheer for our allies and boo the enemies….my husband took that to the extreme, like a playoff football game.  The food was actually really good, even though utensils did not exist in medieval times.  We were served Garlic bread and tomato soup to start off.  I can honestly say it was some of the best tomato soup I’ve had.  The main course consisted of chicken, corn on the cob, and a seasoned potato which the family agreed, was delicious.

My Family at Medieval Times - Philly Coupon Mom

The show was fantastic, displaying horses, falcons, and skilled knights, along with a nice storyline.  Our family, and section at that, was very enthusiastic.  Getting into the show cheering and booing, and playing along with the story.  The horses were beautiful and displayed such grace, prancing trotting and waltzing through the arena.  The falcon was majestic as it soared throughout the castle just over our heads.  The knights showed off their skill and agility mastering their horses and weapons.  The tournament was extremely entertaining, really allowing the crowd to get into the show.  They started with jousting, knocking their opponent to the ground.  It picked up with hand to hand combat, using swords, spears, axes, and mace.  Sparks flew as their steel clashed.  The crowd was filled with flying banners and cheers and boos alike.  What a show.  Our knight made it to the finals, only to be defeated by the black and white knight.  We left the show talking about it the rest of the night.  We will definitely be attending Medieval Times again.

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