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A baby shower is a lovely way of celebrating the imminent arrival of a little one, and an excellent way for mums-to-be to enjoy some fun toward the end of their pregnancy. Baby showers are the ideal opportunity to bring together family and friends and share in the excitement of a new life for the family to love and treasure.

Baby showers are undoubtedly fun, but the problem is they can get pretty expensive too. The cost of gifts, decorations, games, food, and drinks all soon add up, and depending on the number of guests that you invite, costs can quickly spiral out of control.

If you would love to plan a baby shower, but the cost of organizing one is putting you off doing it, don’t be discouraged, as there are plenty of ways to organize a celebration to remember without splashing the cash. In fact, with a little effort, you could find that a small budget actually works in your favor, not against you. Not having as much money to play with means that you will need to be creative with it, and think outside the box, doing so will mean that you have a truly personal, incredibly unique celebration that everyone will remember for years to come. As all parents know, things can get expensive pretty quickly when kids are involved, so starting to budget and being creative with your cash is an excellent habit to get into for the future.

Check out these tips to pull together an unforgettable baby shower that won’t break the bank:

Who to Invite?

Knowing who to invite to your baby shower can get a little complicated and can eat away at your time when trying to organize the celebration. When planning your guest list, you will probably find that you have two choices; either invite lots of people and spend less per person, or invite fewer people for a more intimate gathering and have a little more money to play with per person. Whichever option you choose is entirely workable, and depends on what kind of celebration that you prefer.


Hiring a hall or a restaurant for your baby shower can get incredibly pricey, but there are plenty of other venues to choose from. If you are hosting a smaller gathering, then you may be able to accommodate everyone in your home, or maybe a friend or relative can help out if they have a bigger house with more space. Alternatively, you may want to host the baby shower in your garden if you have the room.

When choosing your venue, don’t forget to check that you won’t all be crammed in like sardines, or that you are in a massive space with just a few guests rattling around. Choose a space that feels right for the number of guests that you have coming, and make sure you have enough chairs for them to sit on.

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A baby shower is an ideal time to go decoration crazy; there are just so many cute ideas to try to make your party venue look fabulous. The issue is that baby shower decorations can be crazily expensive, but the great news is that they don’t have to be! Sticking with a color scheme, or even a color palette, such as pastels, for example, can create a real impact. When it comes to decorating for a baby shower, it is more about how you arrange the decorations than how much money you spend on them.

You will probably find that a lot of the items you need for decorating your baby shower, you already have at home. Pastel colored birthday decorations and balloons are ideal, as is bunting. You may want to make your own paper chains to match your color scheme as well.

A diaper cake is a great gift for a baby shower, and can also double up as a centerpiece on the table too. Creating one area for people to place their gifts is a good idea, as having all the gifts arranged in one place also adds to the decor.

You will probably find decorations that you already have at home that are just perfect for a baby shower. Lots of birthday decorations can be used for a baby shower, so long as the colors are right for your scheme.


Knowing how to keep everyone entertained at a baby shower can be tricky, especially if you have different groups of people attending that don’t know each other. Games are a great way to break the ice and get everyone chatting. Games are ideal for getting everyone having fun and passing the time. The great thing about baby shower games is that they don’t need to be ridiculously expensive to buy, for baby shower games inspiration head over to where you will find loads of ideas for fun games that everyone will love to play.

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Shopping for food for the baby shower can be the most significant expense and a real drain on your budget. There are several ways to get around this; the first is to get each person to bring a plate of something for the buffet, that way the cost is spread throughout everyone, just make sure that everyone knows what to bring otherwise you could end up with 20 plates of sandwiches and nothing else!

Alternatively, you could cater a traditional afternoon tea, which will definitely be less expensive to buy all the ingredients for than a full buffet.

The baby shower cake is also a big expense, but a tower of beautifully decorated cupcakes makes a less expensive alternative, but still provides a really attractive addition to the buffet.


Giving a favor to each guest can get really costly, so why not bake some cookies and ice them to look cute, place them in a cellophane food wrapper and tie a little ribbon at the top with a thank you label as a thoughtful favor that your guests will love.

How to Plan a baby shower on a budget




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