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The idea of an affordable wedding might sound like a strange one. After all, we’re always told how expensive weddings are. However, there are always to ensure you don’t have to spend a small fortune on your weddings; it’s time to buck the trend. With the right planning and a few tweaks, you can create a memorable and special wedding day without destroying your bank balance in the process. Here’s how:

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Keep the Guest List Lean

It’s pretty simple; if you invite more guests, you’ll have to spend more money. So, that means you can save a lot of money by keeping your guest lists lean. More guests means a bigger venue is necessary and it means that you have to prepare more food and more drinks and more parking spaces and everything else. The size of your guest list will dictate how much you have to spend.

Shop Around for the Right Live Act

Finding the right live act for your wedding is a big task, but all good weddings have good music. The best way to find a good deal that offers you value for money is to shop around. Compare the various options being offered by agencies such as Alive Network. If you compare and contrast a range of options, you’ll have no trouble finding a great deal on your live music act.


Prepare with Friends and Family

Preparing all of the things that need to be done ahead of the wedding can be expensive. Wedding planners don’t come cheap and neither do other professionals that many brides and grooms hire before they get married. But if you do more of the work yourself alongside your friends and family, it’ll be a lot cheaper for you to take care of those tasks.


Take a DIY Approach to Things Like Invitations and Maybe Even Catering

Doing things yourself will save you significant sums of money on your wedding preparations. For example, you could create your own invitations rather than buying expensive ones from a store or supplier. You can even do the catering yourself and with people you know. That might sound like a big task, but if you’re only inviting a small number of guests, it should be manageable.


Rent Outfits

By renting your outfits rather than buying them, you’ll save a huge amount of money on your wedding. People often spend a lot on their dresses and suits for the wedding but when you refuse to do that and hire them instead, you’ll spend a lot less on your wedding. And, let’s face it, you’re only going to wear those outfits once, so why spend big on them? It makes sense to rent when you stop to think about it.

Not everyone has unlimited amounts of money when it comes to planning a wedding. To ensure you stay on budget, you have to be clever and creative, but you don’t have to accept a lesser experience on your wedding day. And remember, the most important aspects of your special day are free.


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