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How to get Free or Cheap Internet - Philly Coupon Mom


If you are reading this article, there are greater chances that most of your life revolves around a laptop, mobile phones, or other remote devices. But all these modern smart devices are in vain without an internet connection. Aren’t they?

But why spend a huge amount on a new connection when you can try and get cheap or free internet in 2019. Many people are a little too frugal to splash internet connection. If you’re one of them, follow the below methods to get cheap or free internet in 2020.

1. Freedom Pop

When it comes to free internet opportunities, Freedom Pop stands above the rest. You can access their server through a portable hotspot device and send important emails or files while your primary internet connection isn’t working. Freedom Pop Offers 2 GB free data for the first month and then 500 MB per month.

2. NetZero -(High-Speed Accelerated Dial-Up)

Do you have a landline at your place? If so, you can enjoy unlimited internet access for up to 10 hours per month. Well, that’s an average when your primary internet connection is on hold or disconnected from the backend. When it comes to data metrics, it offers 200 MB data per month. Or you can grab Broadband or Landline Dial-Up as low as $26.95/ month

3. Connect to Compete

Connect to Compete was developed by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to help low-income families and students enjoy free internet facility. This program changed how teachers, students, parents, and passengers started using the internet within a matter of few clicks.

Similarly, there are many other free internet applications and devices to enjoy free internet – you’ll find dozens on the internet.

4. Internet essentials from Comcast

A home Internet connection is more essential than ever for today’s families. Since 2011, Internet Essentials from Comcast has connected more than 8 million low‑income Americans to all the opportunities of a digital world through low‑cost, high‑speed Internet at home. They partner with local communities to pass on the importance of being connected and provide low‑cost Internet service (computers, too!) along with free training to safely unlock its potential. As the largest Internet adoption program in the nation, they stay true to their mission of empowering customers and enriching communities with technology.

5. Public Wi-Fi Facilities

As opposed to the above options, you can get access to a free Wi-Fi connection at certain restaurants, department stores, and bars if you make a purchase. Some common restaurants and public places where you can access free internet are listed below:

·         McDonald’s

·         Walmart

·         Target

·         Starbucks

Whether you are a student, freelancer, teacher, or a regular individual, the internet has become an important part of our lives. Those days are long gone when the internet was only limited to certain people at workplaces. Following the above tips, you can easily get a hold of free or cheap internet connections.

How to get Free or Cheap Internet - Philly Coupon Mom

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