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How to create a WordPress blog using Bluehost

Recently the rise of blogs and websites makes many people start wondering how to make money blogging online and if this can be possible. Actually, blogging is a good opportunity to earn lots on income with a low starting investment. Blogging could give you good work which you can manage with your social life. It will give you whole control of your money as well as the freedom to make your own professional decisions. Blogging is an interesting source of income that ‘ill end up to change your life for the better, this connects on how to create a WordPress Blog using Bluehost so that you can earn a great side of income.

There are many people who struggle with how and where to start their first blog. There’re a lot of ways in which anybody can start blogging and several websites which support it. WordPress is one of the best ways you can use to set up your first blog or website. And setting-up your blog on WordPress is just easy and not expensive. It could be even more affordable if you make use of Bluehost as a hosting service. Hosting services are required to keep your website or blog up and running on the internet and Bluehost is one of the most excellent and best budget-friendly hosting services out there. If you’re looking to go into the world of blogging, web hosting through Bluehost is the best option for you. Bluehost is known as among the best web hosting companies of the year and you can benefit their services for as low as a few dollars monthly. This low-priced investment will undoubtedly kick-start your career as a blogger the right way, and very soon you’ll be generating a big income.

This is How to set up your WordPress and Bluehost

First thing you ought to do is to start creating your WordPress blog and then head over to Bluehost and sign up. After that there are just some simple steps to follow, I will show you how this is easy now set up your first blog on WordPress.

The first thing you need to register a domain name first, this is the first step, look for a domain name site and register your domain name, you can google that if you know where to find one there many out there. You could even get your domain name directly from Bluehost to make the whole process much easy. You could get a free domain for the first year and you just have to pay for 12 months of Bluehost web hosting

“Search the domain name for affordable rates.” Then just follow the easy steps given to set it up.

The most important thing here in this step is to think long as well as hard about what your domain name is going to be. Your WordPress domain name is very important part of your blog so make sure you give it a lot of good thought before deciding on one. You shouldn’t choose a name that is too confusing to write, spell as well as promote. Keep it short, simple and attractive but also related to your blog.

Another thing is buying your blog hosting

Obviously, a few costs associated with starting your first WordPress blog with hosting on Bluehost, however, don’t worry it won’t cost you all your money. Let’s show you some of these costs and how you can reduce them.

To get the best deal, you should choose the Basic plan is the way to go. It’s just $2.75 per month. Also, you could choose to sign up for 12 months and 24 months, 36 months. You could also pay per month but that’s not recommended at all as it will cost you more.

If you’ve decided everything and now ready to get started with your blog, just follow the steps given below to truly get the hosting services:

  1. You should head to Bluehost WordPress hosting and click the Get Started or select Plan button.
  2. Select your desired package.
  3. Enter your domain name the one you had registered earlier or sign up with a new one if you didn’t.
  4. Now you have to enter the necessary “personal information and payment details”.

You ‘I’ll be asked to enter a password. You should come up with a good secure password to protect this important information.

This is good to keep going! You are almost there as well as halfway through the process of building your WordPress blog making use of Bluehost. With these steps, you’ve successfully purchased the hosting for your new WordPress blog.

This is the final step Install WordPress on Bluehost most important step which you’ve been waiting for all this while. You’ve come to the end of your WordPress creation making use of Bluehost.  Keep Reading to finish the process and get started on your blog.

This is easy, creating a WordPress blog on Bluehost is made even simpler through guidelines provided by Bluehost. And it’s free? After you have made your decision and entering a password, Bluehost guides you step by step on how to set up your WordPress blog to make your experience much simpler as well as smoother.

Bluehost will first ask you to choose a theme for your blog; you can pick any of the given ones or even skip this step. You may always select a theme you really like later.

Now click on start building to make things go into motion.

Now you could either choose Business or Personal, this depends on you. You may also choose the, “I do not need help button”.

Congrats, you’ve finally created your own WordPress blog with Bluehost web hosting.


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