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With over 600 stores across the US, Macy’s is a favorite choice for shopping for many Americans. It also offers big opportunities for savings across multiple products including premier items. Macy’s has a major presence online. Although the store announced changes in the way couponing was done, it is still possible to make good savings shopping in-store or online at Macy’s.

Coupon Policy

Macy’s announced a big change in coupon policy in 2016, making it harder for extreme couponers to stack their coupons. There are more restrictions with coupons applying differently for different items, for example, a 25% off coupon in the clothes department may be only worth 10% in the kitchen department.

Coupon with price matching

Macy’s offers slightly better discounts for online shoppers as a way of encouraging more people to shift to that platform. If you find an item that is lower priced online than in the store, you can ask the cashier to match the price. You can also fill your shopping cart online, apply a coupon code and then ask the cashier to match the price in-store. You just have to let the cashier know the code of the coupon.

The good thing is that you can easily match prices using Macy’s smartphone app. All you have to do is scan an item using Macy’s app and the price of the item on will show. One thing that is not well known is that Macy’s will also price match other stores including Nordstrom, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Bloomingdales, Bon Ton, Dillard’s, Lord and Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sears. But they will not price match Amazon, Costco, eBay, Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Macy’s will also not accept coupons from competing stores.

Couponing with One Day Sale

The One Day Sale actually lasts 2 days or 3 days if you count Preview Day which gets you the same deals. This sales promotion event sees 20% off coupons. There are is a variety of clearance goods that are steeply marked down, sometimes by 65%.

Macy’s Super Saturday is also very popular with combinations of off dollar and percentage off coupons. You can get a $10 off $25 or $20 off 50. You can combine the 1 percentage and 1 off dollar coupons, but you can’t combine the $10 and $20 coupons. You are also limited to 1 coupon per transaction.

Couponing with Promo Codes and Savings Passes.

Macy’s have the storewide Savings Pass and the WOW! Pass. These are percentage and dollar off coupons that can be used in-store and online, but WOW! Pass coupons usually apply for in-store shopping. Promo codes and saving passes are not applicable to Deals of the Day, or WebBusters.

Coupon with Macy’s Money

Macy’s pays you to shop. This is a reward for spending your money at the store. If you spend $50, for example, you get $10 to use on your next purchase. This is just like a gift card, you can spend it on anything in-store or online.  This also means you can stack it with a coupon. However, it should be used for a limited period.

Hunting Coupons on Macy’s app

Macy’s app makes hunting for offers very easy. You will get 25% off your first purchase for downloading the app. The app allows you to check prices instantly, comparing in-store and online prices. You receive special deals as well as weekly deals. You can browse the latest offers.  The app allows you to transact from the app and pay by several means including PayPal and Apple Pay. You can apply your coupon codes just as if you were shopping on your computer. You will earn Macy’s Money for it.

Couponing as a Cardholder

If you are a frequent shopper at Macy’s you are better off with a store charge card.  Macy’s offers two types of cards: Macy’s American Express and Macy’s Credit Card. You earn ‘Star Rewards’ depending on your spending. This is a tiered system that has Preferred, Elite and Premier Elite members. Macy’s American Express can be used elsewhere American Express is accepted.

Enrolling for a Macy’s charge card qualifies you for a 15-20% discount on your first purchase. This discount is offered only once and has a maximum limit of $100.

Cardholders also enjoy Macy’s Star Pass. It gives special discounts off the next purchase. This happens 3-12 times in a year depending on your tier.

You can also enroll in Plenti, the shoppers’ points-rewards program that is run at different stores including Macy’s Exxon, Rite Aid, and Nationwide etc. Typically, shoppers earn 1 point on every $10 spent. As Macy’s cardholder, you earn 1 point for each dollar spent and 2 points for spending on beauty products. You can use your coupons as a Plenti member.

Coupon and Free shipping

You enjoy free shipping if you spend $99 and above on The standard shipping charge is $10.95 for orders under $99 although Macy’s will sometimes reduce this to $49 or $25 during holiday shopping. One little-known trick for getting free shopping is adding a beauty item to your cart to enjoy free shopping. Pick an item as cheap as $3 and you qualify to pick your items at your nearest Macy’s for free!

Are you still unsure how to go about couponing at Macy’s? Keep checking out the Philly Coupon Mom blog for tips on Macy’s coupon promo codes and more offers!



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