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Hen in a Hurry is a chef prepared meal subscription.  You are able to pick from over 100 different meals.  The website was very easy to navigate, giving you pictures for each eentre.  going through the options, I thought, wow there are so many choices how do I only pick 4?  I decided on pot roast with carrot and potatoes and collard greens, slow cooked beef burgundy with roasted asparagus, fresh garlic and turkey meatloaf with cauliflower mashed, and baked rosemary chicken with buttered Brussels.  My husband and I are really big on beef and steak, so these seemed like a no brained.  We’ve also been trying to eat a little healthier, so the turkey meatloaf and cauliflower mash seemed like a good choice.  Then we thought how can you go wrong with baked chicken?  After making the selections, it only took a couple minutes to complete the process.

We were so excited about tying hen in a hurry we anxiously awaited it’s arrival.  The package arrived in just 4 short days.  From time of selection to ariving at my front door, 4 days seems extremely quick.  The food came in a big foam cooler which contained dry ice and all the meals separately packaged.  We couldn’t wait to try our first meal!
The first night we chose the pot roast with carrots and potatoes as greens.   It was so simple!  We took the the main course and side, unwrapped, and placed in individual baking dishes.  The two dishes did not require any thawing or prep, and they required the same cook time.  As the meal cooked, the house was filled with a delightful aroma.  The whole house smelled of pot roast and collard greens.  We anxiously awaited the 65 min cook time.  The pot roast was so tender, it pulled apart with a fork. The carrots and potatoes were perfect texture, not too hard or mushy soft.  The greens had great texture and a nice kick.  Just like homemade greens!  To make things even better, the baking dishes wiped clean.  Nothing burnt to the dish and cleanup was simple!














The next night we tried turkey meatloaf and mashed cauliflower.  Again, simple as can be to setup.  From frozen, placed into different dishes and threw in the oven for 65 min.  Again we anxiously waited for the meal to be done only to once again be pleasantly surprised.  The house was filled with a delectable aroma, leaving us watering at the mouth.  The carrots gave the meatloaf an added sweetness without added sugars.  The loaded mashed cauliflower had great flavor and consistency.
The third night was baked rosemary and buttered Brussels.  Once again setup was simple, quick, easy.  The chicken was juicy, flavorful, and seasoned to perfection.  The Brussels were extremely delicious.  This was the first time my husband ate Brussels.  He loved them so much, he finished off the pan.  
The last meal was slow cooked beef burgundy with roasted asparagus.  The beef was tender and cooked to perfection.  Just the right amount of burgundy, again my husband finished off the pan.  The asparagus was just the right texture.  It had great flavor leaving us wanting more.
Hen in a Hurry is well worth the price.  The food is fantastic, simple to make, a cinch to clean up, and zero prep work needed. Great food delivered to your house, that you can just pop in the oven.  This service is a mother’s dream, one The Philly Coupon Mom will certainly continue to use.

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