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Dollar General Coupon Policy

Updated 12/2014 Dollar General will accept Manufacturers Coupons and Dollar General Store Coupons at any of their locations. Customers should remove any available on-package coupons and present them at checkout. Coupons Stacking Dollar General does allow the stacking of a single Manufacturer Coupon and a single Dollar General Coupon per single item in a transaction. Stacking of 2 or more Manufacturer Coupons per item is not allowed. The stacking of 2 or more Dollar General Coupons in a transaction is allowed unless otherwise noted on the coupon or associated promotional art. *Dollar General does not double or multiply the value of coupons. Coupon Overage If a coupon value is more than the price of the item, the remaining value will be applied to the balance of the transaction. Coupon overage can only be applied to the balance and will not be given back at the end of the transaction. Coupon overages will only be applied to the store merchandise remaining in the transaction and cannot be applied to gift cards, pre-paid money cards or phone cards. Other restrictions may apply. Cash back will not be given. Paperless Digital Coupons Paperless digital coupons are part of the DG Digital Coupon program. They are loaded directly onto a customer's account and redeemed at checkout using a phone number. To set up an account visit Unless labeled a DG Store Coupon in the Digital Coupon Gallery, DG Digital Coupons are Manufacture Coupons. Manufacturer DG Digital Coupons cannot be combined with any other type of Manufacturer coupon on the same item in a single transaction. If there is a conflict between a DG Digital Coupon and a Print Coupon or a Mobile Coupon for the same item, the first one applied will be counted toward the transaction and the other will not, regardless of value. Mobile Coupons/Text Message Coupons Dollar General specific Mobile Coupons and Text Message Coupons are accepted in stores. These coupons are Dollar General Coupons and must have a valid Dollar General promotion code in addition to a visible and valid expiration date. Unless otherwise specified, these coupons can be combined with a single Manufacturer Coupon for the same item in a single transaction. Mobile and Text Message coupons from sources other than Dollar General will not be accepted. Dollar General WILL accept coupons that meet the requirement below:
  • Must be original. Photocopies are not accepted.
  • Must have a scan-able barcode or valid Dollar General promotion code
  • Must have a visible and a valid expiration date
  • Can be redeemed only for items sold at Dollar General, and can be redeemed only for the exact same item (package weight, size, etc.) unless otherwise specified
  • Coupons for free items are only accepted if a purchase is required to get one free. Dollar General Coupon offer will always have a purchase requirement with free item offers
  • A maximum of two coupons will be allowed per item. To do this, one coupon must be a Manufacturer Coupon and the second coupon must be a Dollar General Coupon. This is allowable as long as neither coupon states that it is not valid with other coupons
Dollar General will NOT accept coupons that are as follows:
  • From other retailers
  • Expired
  • Photocopies
  • Internet coupons without a scan-able barcode, a Dollar General promotion code or a visible and valid expiration date.
  • For "free" items that do not contain a purchase requirement (i.e. buy one get one free is acceptable)
  • Manufacturer coupons that do not have a "remit to:" address on the coupon
Dollar General does not match competitor Ad prices.

How to Coupon at Dollar General

Dollar General has established a name for itself as one of the best stores for discounted shopping. There are over 10,000 Dollar General Stores. This discount store releases a weekly publication with different coupon ads. There is also a bimonthly savings publication. Dollar General is one of the few stores where you can stack manufacturer coupons. The $5 off $25 coupon is especially popular. Couponing at Dollar General is having good things in double doses. Prices here are already steeply discounted. Then you stack your coupons and you are looking at massive savings.  Learning to coupon at Dollar General will hone your art of savings perfectly. Types of coupons
  • Manufacturer coupons -You can use manufacturer coupons from different sources including insert and printable coupons. There is no limit on the number of manufacturer coupons you can stack except what is stated on the coupon. The coupons will usually be setup, for example, “Limit 3 like coupons.” You will find this in the fine print and it means that you can stack a maximum of 3 such identical coupons.
  • Store coupons- These are coupons on offers by Dollar General. There are about 20 store coupons running at any one time but mostly for DG brand items. These can be viewed by logging in to your Dollar General account.
  • Text coupons – You text a number to reach Dollar General, and a coupon is sent to your phone. To register a text SAVE can be sent to DGTXT (34898). Registered users receive exclusive mobile coupons. There are also Facebook coupons for registered users who become Dollar General Facebook fans. Special promotions are usually run on their Facebook page including the $2 off $10 coupon.
  • Digital coupons -These coupons are a mix of store and manufacturer coupons.
Couponing with Dollar General Special Coupons You can stack manufacturer and store coupons on the same item at Dollar General. If you have a $2.50 coupon from the manufacturer, for example, and another $2.00 offered by the store, you can stack them for a $4.50 discount. You can stack any of store coupons (both digital and printed). Save more with overage The great thing about Dollar General is that you can use the overage from your coupons to buy other items on your order. Using the example above, if the coupons total up to $4.50 and the item is costing $3, you have an overage of $1.50. This can be used to discount other items on your immediate order. It is important to plan your purchases well because Dollar General will not refund you the overage as cash. Ensure that you have items in your shopping cart to take advantage of the overage to the maximum. Instant savings From time to time, Dollar General will have special discounts they call Instant Savings on specific items. These are set up like “Buy 2 save $1.50 instantly.” These items will be in Dollar General Weekly Sales Ad but sometimes they are not advertised. You will also find them on this blog as we track Dollar General’s advertised and non-advertised Instant savings.  When buying items on the Instant Savings promotion, you should keep an eye on the till. It is smarter to use the dollar off coupons e.g. “$5 off $25”, otherwise buy the items separately. Couponing with weekly savings Dollar General is a discount store, so you must have a smart strategy to make good savings on top of the good discounts they already offer. They offer special promotion Saturdays. There is a $5 discount on $25. Coupons are required to enjoy these discounts. You can print this coupon and present it at the counter. You will find $2 off $10 store coupons from time to time. They are also advertised in the weekly ad but sometimes will not be advertised, just like the $5 off $25 coupons. These coupons can be used the same way, that is, you present them on hitting the first $10. Dollar General typically offers these coupons on weekdays rather than weekends. Extreme couponing at Dollar General Illustrated The good thing is that this weekly discount can be stacked with other coupons. It is discounted before manufacturer coupons. Say you are purchasing a $30 item. If you have a $2 store coupon and two $1.5 manufacturer coupons, you first use the $5 coupon when you hit $25. This leaves $25. You can then stack the 2 manufacturer coupons for a $3 discount. This leaves $ 19. You finally use the $2 store coupon to get $17 as the final price. The smart way to present your coupons is:
  • Store coupons first
  • Dollars Off ($5/$25) coupons
  • Manufacturer’s coupons
  • Scan your phone number before swiping your card to take advantage of any other Digital Manufacturer coupons
There are good opportunities for stacking. The fact that Dollar General allows stacking of manufacturer coupons is a big plus. The overage also comes in very useful to fully utilize the amounts of these stackable coupons. Couponing with Rebate apps You can save more by submitting your Dollar General receipt to various rebate apps. There are several smartphone app rebate apps you will find on this blog. End of season clearance sales Dollar General offers huge discounts at the end of different holidays. The discounts start at 50% at the beginning of the season and may end up going up to 90%+ with items costing pennies. If you don’t mind keeping the items for the next season, it is a good time to shop. Dollar General Coupon policy It is important to understand Dollar General’s coupon policy to perfect your couponing. Read and understand what the policy says about stacking. Are you ready for coupon stacking at Dollar General? Keep coming back to this blog for the best advertised and non-advertised coupons and offers.