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Some of the most common kinds of illnesses are not totally understood by scientists. The flu for example is a particularly common illness but each time we’re infected by the virus, it’s a new strand. The symptoms and pain are the same but how it got past out white blood cells and wasn’t detected by our antibodies, it’s a testament to how rapidly changing and complex common illnesses can be. It’s about this time then that creature comforts come into the picture. We all love to do certain things when we’re ill. A health recovery routine is something you may have heard of. It’s when you do a few things in order to make yourself comfortable, limit the amount of discomfort you feel and give your body time to rest. Here are some general things you can do in this regard.

Getting wrapped up

Cold sweats, stomach flus and colds can make us lose body temperature. This only adds to the problem as our body’s functions begin to slow down. We need more and more energy while we’re sick because there’s a biological war going on inside our body. However this can mean energy is taken away from keeping optimal body temperature to fight off the viruses and infections. So, one thing you can do is to increase your caloric intake but also, wrap up warm. A cotton blanket is great for when you’re sitting on the sofa. Make sure you have thicker wool socks and a wool beanie hat to keep your feet and head warm. Wool gloves are also a great idea if your fingertips are really chilli.

Sprained ankle and knee

A typical injury for the lower body is a sprained ankle. Essentially, it’s when this ball and socket joint has been hyper extended. This can also happen to our knees which are also the same type of joint. If you have slipped in a store that didn’t have ‘wet floor’ signs and would like to get something in the way of financial compensation these personal injury attorneys will ethically represent you. They will build up a case which makes sure you gain enough funds to pay for your healthcare bills. If you’re unable to go to work then this is comforting to know. However, to alleviate some pain in the meantime you should use bandages to tightly wrap the joints. This compresses and stabilizes the joint making it less painful.

High calorie simple food

When we’re sick, we lose weight. It’s because our bodies use a lot of energy fighting off the illness. We also don’t feel too hungry when we’re sick because our body is so preoccupied with the fight. Which is why simple foods that are high in calories are something you should consume next time. Foods like pecan nuts, cheddar cheese, flapjacks and chocolate bars.

When we get sick we all have habits we go back to. Certain things like a sprained ankle require specialist care but we can still use home remedies like tight bandages.


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