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We’ve found the cure for the Monday blah’s!!! This one is big… The Berlin blanket scarf is back, so how about over 50% off this popular scarf?! This scarf has us feeling all the fall weather feels! If you remember this one, you know that it is one of Cents of Styles best-selling items.  The blanket scarf trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, and you are going to want to get these. Blanket scarves are versatile, trendy, and one of the best cool temperature companions (hello movie theatres… we’re looking at you). And they make the best gifts! Don’t miss out!

Style Steals, 10/7
Blanket Scarves
The code is COZYPLAID and it will make each scarf just $11.95! The code is valid 10/7 – 10/9
Order: Style Steals – OVER 50% Off + FREE Shipping on Best Selling Blanket Scarf – w/code: COZYPLAID


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