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4 Effective Tips to Saving Money in 2020

There are many golden rules that are given by the famous billionaires of the world that you can follow to become a next-generation billionaire. However, it isn’t as easy to save a considerate amount of pocket money for a middle-class person.  The stream of incomes and the circumstances of life vary with person to person, so one single saving strategy can’t be applied to everyone.

The importance of saving can never be disregarded as without a decent saving in your life, you can never be fully at peace.  So, with all other resolutions for the new year, it would be ideal to make a few regarding our saving tactics.

Some of the most practical saving strategies are as follows:

1. Practice modesty

It is so easy to spend recklessly. with expenses like birthdays, anniversaries, eating out, our kid’s schooling, and our automobiles.

We want to spend the majority of our earnings to stand out from the crowd. However, a closer look at the lifestyle of many accomplished entrepreneurs might shock you. Most of these wealthy people are living a relatively modest life. Therefore, the very first resolution of this current year must be a humble lifestyle and slashing a major chunk of money on the things that are done for a shallow show-off.

2. Keep a separate account

To ensure that you are saving, you should manage a separate account and never get an ATM/debit card made for that account. Make sure you send a deposit in this account every month. No matter how big or small, you have to confirm it to yourself that you will credit money in this secret account of yours.

3. Piggy banks

Despite thinking of these traditional piggy banks as absurd and immature, we can never deny the fact that the coins and trivial change that we pile up can turn up to be a really good amount of money at the end of a year. Your car, a dressing drawer or any secret corner of the house can work like your piggy bank. Therefore, never underestimate the power of small savings this year.

4. Stop impulsive buying

A small leak can sink a big ship. It is important to ditch all the expenses we make just for the heck of making an expense to save well. For instance, packing your lunch or breakfast for work will automatically save your daily expense on food.  Eventually, this saving will be big enough for your urgent needs.

Final Thought

Along with all these tips, it is extremely important to make a monthly budget, cancel all the unimportant subscriptions and most importantly plan for your future instead of living on a daily basis.
Saving is not impulsive like spending, you will have to put efforts and go against the gravity to do it but it will eventually help you lead a decent life where you won’t have to ask for anyone’s financial help.

4 Effective Tips to Saving Money in 2020


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