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When you think of something that’s “fragile,” you doubtless imagine something like a delicate old vase, or a glass dish – something that may work well enough, but that is likely to be completely ruined when it meets the first bit of resistance or hardship.

In our lives, we are often on the lookout for ways to safeguard ourselves against fragility and vulnerability, such as by employing the  services of law firms like Van Sant Law. These personal injury lawyers will help you get fair compensation in the case of an accident, but it would clearly be better to never to end up in that situation in the first place, wouldn’t it?

Often, the tools, services, and lifestyles we rely on make us more “fragile” in all sorts of small ways. And we often end up paying a fair amount of money for the privilege.

Here are a few tips for making yourself more resilient in your everyday life, while saving some money, too.


Look into doing things the “old school” way more often, and rely less on apps and digital services

There are a tremendous number of different apps and tools that exist today to help us to create and manage our to-do lists, track our calendars and future appointments, collect our thoughts, and more.

Generally, these services – such as Todoist, Google Calendar, and so on – replace older and more resilient technologies and approaches, such as the trusty paper notebook, or that much beloved friend of 1980s businessmen – the Filofax.

Of course, there are certain issues with these new technologies that make them particularly fragile in various ways, even despite them also being very useful.

For one thing, these services are usually web-based – and, even if they aren’t, require you to have a charged electronic device, such as a laptop, smart phone, or tablet at hand – in order to access them.

As soon as that battery dies, or that Internet connection goes out, you’ve got no access to your documents, calendar, checklists, and all the rest.

On top of that, you generally pay a monthly subscription for the privilege of using the service in the first place.

Another issue is that, well, companies sometimes go bust – as well as also choosing to scrap particular services and projects. Many people relied on Google’s RSS Reader tool back in the day, and weren’t too happy when it was canned out of the blue. And today, many other people are very unhappy about the fact that the popular to-do list service, “Wunderlist,” is in the process of being shut down.

To make yourself more resilient and to save a bit of money, too, one of the best things you can do is to look into “old-school” alternatives to these flashy new apps and digital services. Consider Ryder Carroll’s popular and highly intuitive “Bullet Journal Method,” or, for that matter, a Filofax.


Focus on home-cooked whole-foods, regular movement, and good sleep, instead of spending tons of money on supplements and flashy workout programs


The health and fitness industry is massive these days, and based on the popular advertising that ends up doing the rounds, you could be forgiven for believing that it’s absolutely impossible to build muscle, lose weight, or maintain good health, without dozens of supplements and complex routines in your arsenal.

In fact, however, the world’s longest-lived populations in the “Blue Zones” get by more or less entirely on traditional diets and regular physical movement around their immediate environment – and many of the great athletes and bodybuilders of yesteryear existed in a time before the modern supplement industry.

There are all sorts of arguments that can be made about how to find the “secret” for longevity, strength, and whatever else. However, focusing on home-cooked whole-foods, regular movement, and good sleep, instead of spending tons of money on supplements and flashy workout programs, is likely to do you a lot of good – and save you a lot of money, too.


Host and prioritize regular small parties and gatherings for your closest friends and family, over nights out in town

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t go to a packed bar or club in the city from time to time, but there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t base your social life entirely around that kind of recreation.

For one thing, you’re far more likely to end up binge drinking and damaging your health that would you do otherwise. (Face it, how much fun as a club if you’re not drinking heavily?)

For another thing, you’re much more likely to spend a lot of money on a given night out.

And, to top it all off, you’re probably not getting the kind of deep and meaningful social connections and interactions that you’re actually craving.

Anthropologists and psychologists have found that people function best within relatively small and tight-knit social groups, and that these sorts of social connections lead to all sorts of benefits for emotional, mental, and physical health and well-being.

Think about hosting and prioritizing regular small parties and gatherings of your closest friends and family, over nights out in town with thousands and thousands of strangers.



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