7 Tips For Movie Theater Success

Going to the movies is a fun activity to do, but it can really add up in terms of the expenses. Tickets are not cheap to start with, and then when you add on food, it can be a high-priced night. One night for a family of four at the movie can run over 100 dollars very easily.

1. Try Sam’s Club and Costco

They often sell tickets at these types of stores that are much lower in price than the theater’s cost. If you’re a member already, you may as well check it out to see what is available. Each local place will offer different things.

2. Stick to Afternoon Movies

The afternoon movies are always more affordable than going at night. Plus, it’s usually less crowded and not as noisy, so that makes the experience even more enjoyable.

3. Go to Late Run Theaters

Sometimes these are only a buck or two, even at night. The movies are still just as good, so if you haven’t seen the movie, seeing it at a late run theater over a first-run won’t really matter to anyone but your wallet.

4. Avoid Specialty Theaters

IMAX, 3D movies and other specialty theaters are naturally going to be more expensive. Skip those and save that experience for something super-special.

5. Eat Before


The food at the movie theater is so expensive. Paying 22 dollars for a medium popped corn and a drink is not a good deal and never will be. If you eat before you go, you don’t need to buy the snacks at all.

6. Bring Your Own

Now, this is a very controversial advice regarding snacks at movies. First, find out the rules. You don’t want to get arrested or kicked out due to bringing your own food. Some theaters really don’t care, though, especially the afternoon summer movies they put on for kids. And no one will mind if you bring water.

7. Get Group Deals

For almost any movie, if you have a large group of friends that want to go together, you can call and ask for a special based on the number of tickets you will buy. Don’t forget to check the discount apps.

Remember, only choose movies that you really want to see. Don’t go just because you want something to do. Make the experience an event instead of just robotically doing it because you’re bored. Go to movies you want to see, eat before you go, and bring your own water to drink.

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7 Tips For Movie Theater Success