4 Reasons Why You Should Raid Your Attic

4 Reasons Why You Should Raid Your Attic (1)

4 Reasons Why You Should Raid Your Attic

When was the last time you’ve been up to your attic other than to grab the Christmas decorations? Do you even know what is up there?

You never know what you’ll find that you can either use or maybe even sell. I am sure it is the things you forgot you have. You might as well see them and make use of them.

Discover Old Memories

If you know that there are many pictures in the attic, you can get some boxes to organize them. Consider organizing them by timeline, event, or person into different bins, and the next time you can put them into albums and make it a fun arts and craft day.

Find Lost Treasures

People are known to forget what they put out in the attic. You may find something worth a lot of money, something you thought you lost, or something that makes you happy that you want to rescue from the attic and use it.

Make Money

If you find things in your attic that you never use and have not looked at or used (or missed) for a year, it’s time to consider getting rid of them. You can use Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace to sell your stuff. You can even plan a yard sale if you want to. Make it more fun by spending the earned money on a fun day of some kind.

Enjoy Togetherness

It is fun being together with your family, digging through boxes, putting on clothing, and looking at pictures, albums, and other memories. Your kids will love hearing all your stories that get jogged from looking in your attic.

Even something like going through your attic to find treasures and discover old memories can be fun. You may even end up making money if you choose to sell some of the things you see.

If you’re not using it and it’s been up there collecting dust for a long time, you may as well sell it. You can use the money you make to do something fun with your family. Whether that involves going to the local miniature golf course or being able to take the family on a more significant vacation, you won’t know until you go on the hunt in your attic for everything you forgot.


4 Reasons Why You Should Raid Your Attic

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