8 Surprising Freebies You MUST Know

8 Surprising Freebies you MUST Know

8 Surprising Freebies You MUST Know

One of the most enjoyable ways to protect your finances is to get something for nothing. Although they say you can’t get anything for free, the fact is, you can. And when you do, you’re dollars ahead in the bank.

These awesome freebies will help you avoid spending your hard-earned cash:


TextPlus will assign you a telephone number to use for texting. Text all you want at no cost.

Online storage.

If you’re an avid computer user, you’ll quickly see the value of being given free space to share your files while ensuring you’ll never lose them because of a tornado or computer crash.

At Dropbox, you can store up to 2 gigabytes at no cost.
Use Amazon Cloud Drive and obtain 5 gigabytes free.
Get 7 Gigabytes of free space at Windows Live SkyDrive.

Computer and software classes.

Many public libraries and community centers offer no-charge classes about computers and software. Call your local libraries and neighborhood centers to determine what type of instruction they’re offering for free.

Breakfast, lunch, or beverages.

Some restaurants give out free food on a select date each year. Ask your favorite eatery if they ever offer free food. You might be surprised!

Chick-Fil-A offers free food for a day in July.
If pancakes are your thing, IHOP gives them out for nothing on February 5th every year.
Haagen Dazs hands out ice cream at no charge one day in May.
Even Starbucks will give you free coffee on a day in April.
Do you have a professional sports team in your city? Some establishments offer drinks and food on the house when they win.

Antivirus protection for your computer.

Avast Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows can be obtained at no charge and are excellent programs to protect your computer.

Also, many network servers and cable companies offer free protection if you already avail yourself of their services. Check out your cable or DSL provider to explore their offers on antivirus protection. You stand to save up to $75 or more yearly.

Walking tours.

You can download free walking tours for some fantastic cities. Use your search engine to type in the name of the city plus “free walking tour.” You can then download an audio speaking tour to your MP3 player to learn all about the location as you’re directed to explore the city streets.

Auto rental insurance and trip cancellation reimbursement.

The major credit card you have in your wallet may offer these impressive perks for free. Check out the fine print on your credit card information or website to discover more freebies.

College education.

Yes, you can actually get a free college education. Some examples include:

Berea College in Berea, Kentucky, will absorb the entire $20,000+ tuition for all students. They apply different formulas of grants, scholarships, and work-study opportunities for students to get free tuition.

Another university, Cooper Union in New York City, grants full-tuition scholarships totaling up to $150,000 over a four-year time period to all its students.

Missouri has a free college, too: the College of the Ozarks has a mandatory work program for students to attend college tuition-free.

Keep your eyes and ears open to the incredible values in your neighborhood. Seek out these freebies and let your money stay in your wallet.

8 Surprising Freebies you MUST Know

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