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Social media can be a tough place to hang out.

Not only is there way too much division right now, but even just seeing other moms trying to be positive and sharing the great things their kids are doing tends to make lots of people feel less than adequate.

“Comparisonitis” isn't good for anyone's mental health, and today I want to challenge you to take inspiration from what others are doing instead.

When you see other kids packing their lunches or making their own breakfast, rather than feel like that's impossible for your kids because you don't have time to work with them in the kitchen, imagine what it would be like if it WAS possible.

What if there was a way to get your kids some life skills training in the kitchen without you having to slow down your dinner prep to do it?

If you wish your kids knew how to cook, but you definitely don't have time to teach them, Kids Cook Real Food has just the thing to fill the gap.

The new Kids Cook Solo for kids ages 8 and up is “independent” for two reasons:

  1. Kids work independently with only 5 to 10 minutes of supervision from an adult per session.
  2. By the end, your kids will be independent in the kitchen and able to make dishes or even all of the dinner on their own.

Teacher Katie Kimball omitted sharp knives, added in some presentation skills, and designed a special kids-only area in the membership dashboard with no distractions and simple step-by-step language.

With one class per week, your older elementary student or middle school kid will be cooking by Thanksgiving!

(The Independent Training Program is on pre-order and will kick off with a live event September 23rd.)

Here's what it includes:

  1. 15 video lessons so that your child knows exactly how to be safe in the kitchen
  2. Students login to a membership area with zero distractions or outside links – productive screen time with simple directions.
  3. Parent login so you know what they’re up to
  4. Over a dozen cooking skills taught!
  5. Kid-friendly recipes that are easy to follow
  6. No processed junk – 100% healthy food

My kids love to get in the kitchen and cook.  My oldest even wants to take cooking classes in the future.

If you're still unsure, try the complimentary preview class at no cost to see if your kids can fly solo in the kitchen.  Sign-up for Free Class!

Again, I encourage you not to be overwhelmed… Just inspired!

This level of independence with food is totally possible for your kids' ages 8 and up, and Kids Cook Real Food takes the work out of it for you!


Philly Coupon Mom

PS – Get the free sample class to decide if Kids Cook Solo is right for you!  Yes, I want this FREE Class!

Chiara Howard