My Quarantine Livingroom Remodel

I have always been into DIY projects and love creating beautiful things for the house. With Covid-19 striking the way it did, I decided to get into remodeling the house. I went on my favorite platform, “Pinterest,” and scoured through many different themes and ideas.

I decided not to copy just one theme. Instead, I chose to pick different things and incorporate them into my vision.  I played with different color schemes, patterns. You name it. I finally settled on my plans and got to ordering what I needed.

Since we are in COVID, at the time, I was unable to get my products fast. I ordered most of my items from Ikea in April, and couldn’t get them shipped to me until the end of June, beginning of July, which was a bummer, since we are so used to getting things so quickly. But I understood the situation.

So, I decided to work on the front of my home. I have been so busy with work; I never got around to doing it. This was a perfect time.

Here is the Before and the After:

Front door Before and after

I love my creativity. I had no plan going in. I would see things I liked at Lowes, Walmart, Big Lots, and just went with it. Well, I must say that I am very impressed. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it turned out. The only items I kept were the small table and the angel.

When the big day arrived, it was so much stuff it took two weeks to get the living room done. (Since we work from home).  I was pleasantly surprised by my creativity and design. I can barely pick out a matching outfit for my seven-year-old son. I have no sense of fashion. Anyway, I was in awe of how everything came together.

We even added a sidebar sitting area to eat and watch football (if that ever resumes) or enjoy movies. I found ideas for this on Pinterest as well, but we decided to create ours out of IKEA items. We purchased a wall shelf, legs, and stools.

My husband then bought a piece of trim from Lowes to cover the backside of the shelf, which is used to hang it on the wall. I painted it black, glued, and screwed the trim onto the shelf. He then screwed on the legs and attached the shelf to the wall so it would move.

This sidebar has been a hit with our family and friends. They couldn’t believe we made this and how awesome it looked. Here is a photo of my kids’ coloring on it the day after it was installed. They love it!

Here are the before and after photos of my living room and now a desk area for my kids.



I also created a Towel Rack, which I have always wanted but didn’t want to spend $40-$80 for one.  Remember, I am the Philly Coupon Mom, I shop frugally.  I also created an adorable tea or coffer holder that I found on Pinterest by She has such great and cheap ideas. And yes, I have a pot under my plant. My son overfilled it and it was dripping.  Don’t Judge! haha

DIY Cup Holder

Cup Holder and Towel Rack

I also created a scrabble tile of our names. I got this from Pinterest, of course. Everyone had a different method, but I found one that I liked and tweaked it a little. Instead of painting the letters, I bought sticker letters from the dollar tree along with numbers and put them on the precut tiles I purchased on amazon. I got this idea from whatsonmyporch.

Here is my pic of my Family DIY Scrabble letter Tiles:

Family Diy Scrabble letters


I wanted to share these ideas with everyone looking to liven up their home or who just loves doing DIY projects.

The only thing we kept in the living room were the lanterns on the wall. Everything, including the TV, is new.

My family loves our new living room and my son calls it a ‘Millionaire’s Livingroom. Haha. You gotta love kids.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post, and I will let you know when I have completed my next project, “Diy Large Lanterns,” made of paint sticks, which is also on

If I can do it, you can do it. Never give up.

Until then, Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Stay Frugal.


Philly Coupon Mom





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