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Discover the Carnivore Diet and Its Benefits

A carnivore style of diet requires one to eat nothing but meat and drink water. That is the easiest way to define it. Since no plant-based food is allowed for this diet, fruits and vegetables are off the menu. While people in this strict diet can eat as much meat as they want, they will also be able to grow their muscles and watch fats fall without even going to the gym to do some physical exercise.

Now, if you want to ask if the carnivore diet is the answer to one’s crippling health, you will soon find out here.


Benefits of a carnivore diet

There are many benefits to going for a carnivore diet. Aside from being able to eat bacon for breakfast, grilled fish for lunch, and steak for dinner, these meat enthusiasts also enjoy the following benefits:

1. No counting of calories

Carnivore diet lets people eat just meat until satisfied and drink water to quench the thirst. That being said, there will be no need for measuring cups, weighing scale, or calorie trackers. You will just let the diet itself work its wonders. So if you are one who wants to follow a strict diet but does not want to undergo the hassle of measuring your food intake, a carnivore diet can be your best bet.

2. No phytochemicals

Phytochemicals are actually the plant’s first line of defense against predation. Since they cannot fight or flee just like animals would, they release these natural toxins to deter predators. And considering our industrial society where plant-based foods are refined and processed to make staple ingredients such as flours, vegetable oils, and sugars, the plant poisons become concentrated, which is not healthy for humans. 

3. No supplements

Humans need protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals and meat provides such a complete nutrition in optimal forms and ratios for human health. That being said, people on carnivore diet will no longer need supplements and will less likely suffer from any nutrient deficiency.

4. No shopping hassle

Carnivore diet is a simple way of eating. Since you do not need to calculate carbs nor count macros, you will never have to think about what to eat on your next meal. That being said, shopping for your food consumption has never been easy. All you need to do is stock up on meat and eat until your stomach does not feel hungry anymore.

5. No digestive distress

Plants are known to contain lectins. These are antinutrients that are indigestible and can pose threats to the health of humans. People, especially the young ones, were often told to eat food rich in fiber to improve digestion. But a lot of studies these days show that cutting out all fiber intake can lead to regularity in bowel movements. Fibers actually irritate the intestines causing microscopic damages to their linings as they pass through.

Is this healthy or crazy?

Of course, a carnivore diet is healthy, not crazy. Not eating carbs changes your body’s metabolic process and nutrient needs. Since it puts you into ketosis, your appetite will be suppressed thereby making you burn up to 300 more calories each day. Carnivore diet eliminates all carbohydrates that raise a person’s blood sugar. Additionally, this diet does not encourage the use of preservatives and seasoning, which then adds to the fact that it can be a smart choice for people who are in pursuit of having a healthy lifestyle. Learn more here and discover how this zero-carb, all-meat diet is worth a try.