Store Brand Vs. Brand Name!

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Store Brand Vs. Brand Name – Is there a Difference?

Specific questions come in mind when we must choose between store brand, generic products, or brand name products. Even the packaging of store brand products is often less appealing as compared to the high-grade brand name products. But do they really have any definite differences?

But it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a chance. There are several reasons why store brand products can be as good as brand name products.

1. Price Comparision

First, best-selling store brand products are as expensive as brand name products. Why? This is because many store brand products producers never compromise quality over quantity. Thereby, store brand products don’t need to be cheaper than brand products.

On the other hand, setting aside the best-selling products, beginners can also save up to 30% by selecting store brand products over brand name products.

2. Why Are Brand Name Products Often Expensive?

It all depends on the product type. But in most cases, brand name products are produced after putting a lot of research in development, and marketing to make them a success. Also, brand name products possess high-end yet fancy packaging, multiple flavors or colors, and might contain coupon deals. Still, they might not be made from high-quality ingredients. The added cost of the brand name products is often utilized in research, development, packaging, exclusive benefits, and marketing.

3. Is There Any Quality Difference?


Again, brand name products don’t need to have the edge over store-brand products in terms of quality. Though they can be tastier, they might be made from high-material per their added cost. For instance, when considering the core ingredients like salt, flour, sugar, baking soda of any product, there is hardly any difference between store brand and brand name products.
Also, some generic or store brand products can be tastier, high-quality, and better than brand name products.

4. What About the Taste?

Well, there can be a considerable difference in the taste of both brand name and store-brand products. However, it depends on the person. Everyone is used to several brand products and are loyal to them, but there is nothing wrong with trying a store brand. For instance, it is unlikely for anyone to choose store brand cola over Coke. On the other hand, many people would want to try a generic cereal over brand name cereal.

Following the above points, there is no doubt that quality, quantity, price, and taste of the generic store brand and name brand products vary depending upon the products as well as the person using it.

We hope this helps you in determining whether to purchase a store brand or brand name products!


Store Brand vs Name Brand

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