How to Coupon at CVS Pharmacy

cvs coupon center

How to coupon at cvs

Using coupons can save you lots of money. However, every major drugstore has a unique CVS Coupon-Policy and CVS Pharmacy is not an exception. The store offers amazing deals and taking advantage of commonly overlooked shopping secrets can make all the difference to your bottom line.

Join CVS Beauty Club

The Extra Care Beauty Club is free to join and offers a whole lot of exclusive benefits. You get a 10% off beauty shopping pass after enrollment. Members are also eligible for $3 ExtraBucks Rewards on their birthday as well as $5 ExtraBucks Rewards for every 50% spent on qualifying beauty products. Additionally, you have will access to exclusive emails with new product information and coupons.

CVS Coupon Center Kiosk

CVS Coupon Center Kiosk

CVS Coupon Center Kiosk

You will need to sign up for a CVS account using your card and opt-in to receive extra savings and promotions via email. Your phone number can be used to get rewards printed as well as use the card in-store without having the card with you.

Having a CVS account will allow you to print extra coupons at the CVS Coupon Center (Red Kiosk) in store. This is also the price checker scanner machine is a tall, red and yellow box often located near the front entrance, and allows you to realize plenty of savings from the treats you print.


3. Double Dipping or Rolling Rewards

There is no better way to take advantage of two sales at once than double dipping. If you love shopping after 10pm on Saturdays, then you are in for quite a treat. ECB deals from the current week good till midnight and next week’s deals are already live in the system. This means that you can maximize savings by taking shopping off of two sales. It’s only available on Saturday from 10p.m. to midnight.

4. The 98% Purchase Rule Grace

In order to earn ECB Reward Dollars, you sometimes have to spend a specified Threshold Dollar Amount. But did you know that CVS Pharmacy also has a 98% Purchase Rule? Consider an offer that states Spend $10 to earn $5 in ECBs. If you only spend $9.80, then you are considered to have met the threshold as per the 98% Purchase Rule.

However, there is an exception to this rule. If an ExtraCare deal offers two options to earn ECB points, then the 98% Purchase Rule Grade is invalid and doesn’t apply. In such a case, you have to reach the threshold dollar amount to earn ECB Reward Dollars.

5. 2% on Everything You Purchase

If you use your CVS card each time you shop at the store, you are eligible for 2% back in returns on daily purchases. These are quarterly rewards and are paid once every three months on January 1st,  April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.

6. Earn ECBS by Giving Your Opinion

If you want to make your opinion count, you will be glad to know that CVS has an Advisor Panel that you can join. Registration takes 10-15 minutes, and memberships allow you access to surveys a few times each year. Participation earns you ECB Rewards that you can redeem in the store.

7. Rolling ExtraBucks Points

Knowing about a sale ahead of time is a great way to plan for purchases and take advantage of the concept of rolling ExtraBucks Rewards. It is all about making many small transactions or purchasing a single item and rolling the reward you earn to the next transaction. In other words, you use the ECBs earned to pay for the next purchase.

8. Stacking Coupons

CVS Pharmacy is one of the few drugstores that allow stacking of coupons. You can use one store coupon with a manufacturer coupon per item. Using ECBs in combination with other coupons is also allowed.

9. Follow Philly Coupon Mom 

Make sure you Subscribe to Philly Coupon Mom to get all the hottest CVS deals! Also join our CVS Facebook Group.

If you are new to couponing or just need to refresh, print out the CVS Coupon-Policy.

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How to coupon at cvs

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