Medical Anxiety And Kids: 3 Tactics To Help Them Cope!

Most of us are only too aware that going to the doctors can be a nerve-racking experience. What with the tests they put us through and waiting for the all clear. Of course, if you are a child, it can even worse, as you are even less in control, don’t always know what to expect, and may not even fully understand what is wrong! In fact, many kids can experience acute medial anxiety when they attend health or wellbeing appointments. Luckily, there are some things that as a parent, you can do to help them cope. Read on to find out what they are.



Explain what is going to happen 

It’s imperative that as a parent, you don’t just assume that your child will know what will happen at their medical appointment. In fact, it can be advantageous to explain to them what will happen as this can help them feel much more in control of a scary situation.

Of course, each different type of medical and health appointment is likely to be different, so to help it’s wise to use resources like this hearing care appointment guide. Then you can easily explain what procedures and treatment to expect in each case, and so lower any anxiety your child might be experiencing.

It is wise to remember, however, that there’s definitely a line between informing your child about what to expect and scaring them half to death! Remember, honesty is essential, but do your best not to over dramatize anything and use the term discomfort rather than pain where you can.


Teach them to deal with their anxiety

Anxiety is sadly a fact of life for all of us at some time or another. What that means is that while it’s unpleasant to see your child going through it, it can also be a great time to teach them how to cope with such feelings more constructively.

The first step in this process is to acknowledge that anxiety doesn’t actually mean that anything is wrong with us. In fact, it’s entirely natural to feel and is just our mind’s alarm system doing its job.

Once you have helped your child to understand this, you can then go on to talk about visualization and proper breathing techniques that can help to relieve symptoms. Something that can further add to their sense of control of the situation, and so help to reduce the anxiety they feel.


Let the medical professionals know 

OK, so you doctor, optician, or dentist may not have been the most understanding what you explained your own anxiety to them, but most medical professionals are pretty awesome when it comes to dealing with nervous kids.

In fact, if you give them a heads up before time, they may even be able to provide alternative options for examination and treatment that aren’t as uncomfortable or scary. Although, even if they can’t, a few jokes and some reassurance and praise can go a long way to helping your kids cope with the anxiety of medical appointments and procedures.


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