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With rising living costs, we all like to save some money every now and then. From day to day grocery shopping to energy bills, household costs can start mounting up, and before you know it, your monthly bills become a significant burden on your finances. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to relieve the stresses of home and living costs. Some might be a little more time consuming than others, but once you start making these changes, you’ll reap the benefits of extra cash for a rainy day.

Check out some of the top tips tried and tested by the experts to give you a little more money in your pocket at the end of the month.

Take advantage of offers and discounts

It’s surprising just how many people throw away offers and coupons that come through the door. However, you’re potentially throwing away great discounts on things you buy regularly. You don’t have to become a couponer to reap the rewards, but by filtering through the ones you can use will help save some cash on your everyday essentials. It’s not just grocery shopping where you can use these discounts too, as local tradespeople often put flyers through your door, and if you need any handiwork carried out, you could get a great deal without going through more expensive routes.

Turn off the lights

It may sound like an obvious one but whenever you leave a room, turn off the lights. The amount of energy wasted from appliances and lights left on when they are not needed is staggering. Plus by doing this small thing, you could potentially save some cash on your energy bills.

Throw dinner parties instead of eating out

It’s nice to get together with friends, but if you find you’re going out for dinner and drinks on the regular, it could be costing you a small fortune every month. A great alternative is to invite everyone over for a dinner party. Instead of spending money on sometimes overpriced restaurants, get everyone to pitch in and bring what they want to eat over to your place. You could host a theme night such as Mexican, Chinese or BBQ food to cater to everyone’s tastes. You’ll also save a ton of money on alcohol too by your guests bringing their own.

Revaluate your financial products

Many people just have the same bank accounts and financial products for years and don’t ever consider switching. But by discussing your options, you could save without even thinking about it. Banks have tons of offers to entice new customers, and you could take advantage of higher interest rates on savings or lower costs on everyday banking. You should also take a look at credit cards and loans too, as you could be saving on interest by switching. To make any spare cash work harder for you, there is also the option of investments, and chatting to financial experts such as Hunter Perret will ensure you get the best advice for your needs.

Have a yard sale

Households accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, and this can start to clutter up your house. A great way to give these items a new lease of life is to have a yard sale so someone else can enjoy them. A yard sale is an excellent opportunity to get rid of everything you don’t need anymore and make some extra cash in the process. You could also get the kids involved too, and help them clear out old toys and games so other children in the neighborhood can make use of them.

Buy quality products

We often purchase the cheapest items because we think we’re getting good value. However, most often they break within a year and then it goes in the trash. By spending a little more on quality products with a longer warranty, you will be saving money in the long term. The initial outlay might be a bit more, but the product will last several years so you won’t have to buy a new one anytime soon.

Check out price comparisons

Whenever you need to buy something significant, don’t forget to do a price comparison. Whether this is a new car, insurance or a holiday, comparing the costs of different sellers is a great way to save some costs. You can also check banking and financial products this way too, so you have a better understanding of suitable products to meet your requirements.

These are just some of the ways that you could save money each month. By checking out your options and learning from the experts, you’ll have some extra cash for the fun things.


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